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 no:        Name      Company            Description     Reviewed           Cost          Contact
   1) Imoega super DVD writer Imoega

+--Best Performance 

Unknown   Rs.19,900
   2) Compro TV tuner card Compro

FM tuner,MPEG 1/2 encoding

Unknown  Rs.4,995
   3) Creative PC cam 350 Creative Automatic switching 4rm webcam 2 digi camera Sep-2003  Rs.5,600
   4) Dream waver 2004 Macromedia CSS enchacements Jan-2004 Rs.19,950
   5) MS Office profesional 2003 Microsoft

Latest version.

Nov-2003 Rs.19,320
   6) CPU Pen4, 3.2 ghz 800mhz FSB Neubal tech Supports 800mhz and hyperthreading Unknown Rs.37,000
   7) Motherboard 865PE Cyberstar

Great performance

Unknown Rs.12,500
   8) LCD monitor Sony 18.1 inch  Sony

Stylish,great performance

Unknown RS.1,47,000
   9) Graphicscard Compropaladyne FX 5600 Mediatech
DirectX 9.0 compactible  Unknown Rs.11.275
   10) Adobe audition Adobe Very good... Sep-2003 $249
   11) Web shots   Web shots This software Is full beautiful images of nature etc... Unknown Unknown

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