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 S no:        Name      Company            Description     Reviewed           Cost          Contact
   1) GainwardGeForce
Mediatech India

+--Best Performance 

Oct-2003   Rs.37,875
   2) GigabyteGa7NNXP Digi GigaSystem

+--top Of The Line Features

Dec- 2003  Rs.15,000
   3) AppleIpod(Mp3pl) AppleComputer +--Hard drive based. Sep-2003  Rs.45,000
   4) Cannon S530D photo printer Cannon India Ltd. +--USB2.0,Compact flash
Oct-2003 Rs.24,995
   5) Speaker:Creative megaworks THX 5.1550

+--Huge power output

Apr-2003 Rs.17,999
   6) 8x. DVD writer Liteon +--Powerful Ultrafast writer Unknown Rs.13,750
   7)   Directx 9.0   Microsoft

This software supports extreme

graphics and audio for games

Unknown Unknown Microsft Company
   8) RealOne2.0(Mp)  Real

This software is very good to hear music.

Unknown Freeware
   9) Winamp5.0(Mp)  Winamp This software is good to listen 2 music and to watch movies  Unknown Freeware
   10) Ms.Office 2003(Prof).  Microsft This is a software which is advanced than oficeXP Jan-2004 Rs.19,320
   11) Web shots   Web shots This software Is full beautiful images of nature etc... Unknown Unknown

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