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Go big or go home.....Vote for Rayome!!

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Tyler's Beliefs

Improve Classroom Environment
Every Classroom should have:
  • White boards/chalkboards
  • pencil sharpeners
  • better desks/chairs
  • workable computers in each room with printers

  • Exemption for Finals All seniors who are recieving an A or B in the class are able to exempt. They can exempt as many finals as they are eligable to exempt, even if that means they don't take any of their classes finals.

    Required Study Hall A study hall before school is good because:
  • It gives kids a chance to finish their homework
  • It gives kids a chance to study before their tests that day
  • It gives kids a chance to wake up before school

  • Driving
  • You should pay one amount for the year
  • There is no required GPA to drive

  • Reserved spot for every junior and senior
  • We need a bigger parking lot!

  • ID's
  • You only need an ID to enter the building
  • When walking around the building, you are required to have it on you but you don't need to wear it
  • ID swipers to enter or exit the building so no strangers can sneak into the building

  • Suspensions
  • If a student is over 16, you should be able to ditch with no punishment
  • I want to bring back deans detentions because there are too many minor things that people are getting suspended for

  • Vending Machines
  • Pop and Candy should be brought back into Vending Machines

  • Caffiene and Sugar help kids get through the day without sleeping and we should bring that back

  • Gym
  • If you play a sport you do not need to do Gym class.
  • Kids are working hard after school during their sports and they shouldn't have to tire themselves during Gym class

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