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Devil May Cry

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Well, since you chose to come here, my guess is that you know little about Devil May Cry. Well, guess what! Since site is gonna change that. We'll teach you everything you need to know about the game so you can become a damn good devil-hunter.

Anyway, click on any of the links to the left to find what you're looking for. Happy hunting, he he he!

The Story Behind Devil May Cry

About 2000 years ago, the ruler of the Underworld Mundus, declared war on the human world. At the brink of this war, a mysterious dark knight appeared out of the darkest reaches of the Underworld. He awoke to jusice, his name is Sparda.
He singled handedly defeated the armies of Mundus and imprisoned Mundus. Sparda then traveled to Earth and mated with a human female. Together, they had two sons. One was named Virgil and the other Dante.
Later on, Mundus murdered Dante's mother and brother. Dante now runs his own investigation agency. A mysterious woman named Trish appears and claims to want Dante's assistance in bringing down Mundus for good.
She also claims that it's going to happen on Mallet island.