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The Review Site for People Who Hate the Ratings Game

OK... So we decided to start a web page for people who totally hate the ratings game. By that we mean that you pick up a regular gaming mag at any game store or supermarket and upon reading their ratings you realize that you have a new game that you LOVE, but its not mentioned in the mag at all. Well, this is where you can voice your opinion. And we dont play with stupid numbers. We want to hear the good and the bad, however we will filter out all submissions with poor reasoning. Like my personal favorite, the I-Hate-This-Game-Because-The-Graphics-Don't-Look-Like-Real-Life crap that you always find on review sites. Now let's meet the crew.

is (22), he likes Action, Adventure, Strategy, 1st & 3rd Person Shooters, Aerial Combat, and Fighting Games. Sounds like your typical guy right?

is (22), she likes Simulators, Adventure, RPGs, Puzzle, Platformers, Arcade, and mindless little kid games.

is (12), he likes anything except non-extreme sports games. He's a very well-rounded reviewing agent.

This flapping badger is (14), he likes RPGs, fighting and strategy games.

is Dan. He likes Fantasy and RPG's.

And this is the Visitors Bat! He will be used for any submissions sent in by visitors (duh) accompanied by your name.

Now that you know us we would like you to join us in finally finding relief from your average game rating system. Have fun!


Please send us your review of ANY game on any of the above consoles. Please include Name of Console/Game in headline. Please do not include rating numbers. Thank you for your support!

This is our own art for you to use as banners/links on your site.


Please be nice to our flappy friends, the bats of this earth. They are mammals too. The only things they really would harm is a fly (and other flying insects.)

If you are somehow offended by any of the submissions on this site, we can't help you. We run on the basis that most gamers have a sense of humor. We are sorry for any personal damage this may have caused you.

If you are one of the few who have no sense of humor, grow one. - The Review Bats