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As I played the game the first time I got stuck in the second level of it and so I thought it was a piece of shit. The controls were bad, the music too monotonous and the graphics quite old-fashioned BUT it sticks really close to the movie and thus it’s quite fun to play…
And yes, the game sometimes IS hard and not easy to master, especially in larger levels. So I decided to write this walkthrough.


Notice that every weapon needs ammunition and there’s not much of it in a common level. Try to make extensive use of the pistol (once found, it has unlimited ammunition) until Enrique’s Compound.

Whenever you shoot at something it will explode (even sofas and showers!) and drain your energy if you are too close. So try to stay away from them

THE T-1000
You will first encounter the Cyberdyne Systems Model T-1000 in John Connor’s house. It materializes from liquid metal so if you ever see a chrome-blob on the bottom the T-1000 is about to emerge. If you are quick you can walk over the blob and the T-1000 will disappear again and you have some more seconds until it emerges again. If it’s coming up to you just duck and fire your weapons at it. After about 15 pistol shots or 2 shotgun-shots it will disappear again. So you see, the T-1000 is not a hard enemy but in some gun-fights with “real” cops it is... unpleasant ;)

that’s a good tactic in every level and will often be mentioned in this walkthrough. Most of the bullets, knives and cudgels won't harm you. But in the more advanced levels the baddies will also duck and shoot…

JUMP TO A LEVEL (metaphorically)

  • Obtain pistol and shotgun
  • Find residential address of John Connor
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (2)

  • First, walk into the bar and then enter the door you reach by pushing up. You need to get the guns first, it makes everything much easier. Just ignore the bad guys who are shooting at you and walk right until you reach the bar after some steps. Up there’s a barmaid (who is no menace) and a guy with a shotgun. After kicking and punching him several times he’ll drop his weapon. To collect it, step over it and duck. Now you can shoot you way through.

    Now walk back and enter the first door with the two pool tables. There's one guy on the left and behind him there’s a strange box with a blinking light on top of it. Shoot the guy who will drop a pistol you have to collect too in order to complete the level. The box is one of the future objects you must collect before you can proceed to the next level. Duck and shoot it open, a rotating endo-skeleton-head will appear. Collect it by walking over it and duck.

    Leave the bar on the other side. Before you step down wait some seconds cause a biker on a bike will pass you. Now move on. If you hear the bike approaching again, don’t shoot it when it just appears on the screen, because the bike will start exploding when it passes you.

    Between the trucks there’s the second future object. Now walk back to the first entrance where you started from. Proceed to the first payphone to the right and step up to it. Push the up-button and the T-800 will look up John Connor’s residential address. Now walk right until the T-800 leaves the screen. That was the first mission.

  • Drive to John
  • Driving is a bit tough now, because turning at intersections is sometimes a pain in the ass, especially if you are persecuted by some bikers or the police. In the upper right there is a compass which roughly points in the direction you have to drive. Drive always in the middle of the road to avoid collisions and a termination. If you want to turn at an intersection, press the turn button (default is Y) and in the direction you want to turn. Notice that you have to push the direction from the point of view of the vehicle. So left isn’t always left, depending if you are driving towards or away from the map-view. If you want to turn 180° just press down. Accelerating default is B.

  • Locate Photographic ID of John Connor
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (3)

  • Okay, if you’re quick you can complete this mission without meeting the T-100. First, before entering the house shoot the alarm-buzzer on the front. Then enter the house and don’t stop walking because little bombs appear where you are when you enter the house the first time. Take the first door, duck and shoot because a little toy will attack you. Also shoot at the cupboard, if you are lucky John’s ID will jump you if not, shoot at the cupboard in John’s room (see below). Collect the future object and leave the room. Walk up to the little blinking thing besides the TV set, it’s the answering machine; it tells you that John went to the Galleria. Now walk left and enter the next door. You’re in the kitchen. Walk left into the tool shed and from there left into the Garage. Now take the right door to the backyard where you will find the second future object. Now get back to the room with the answering machine and walk left until you leave the screen through a door, that’s John’s room. Again, duck and shoot the toy. Also a time bomb will appear so you are likely to take damage. If you haven’t already got John’s ID it’s in the cupboard here. If its not there either you will have to shoot at nearly everything. It will pop out somewhere.

    To get the last future object step directly under the ladder and shoot up. Now you can climb it and get the box. Leave the house, because the Cops are on their way and the T-1000 is also looking for John. Maybe there are some bikers outside, because they were following you.

  • Locate and protect John Connor
  • Use of minimum force is recommended
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (4)

  • You start in the garage and have to make your way up to the arcade, where John is playing. Don’t shoot at anybody until you reach John, it would make this level horrible, because there are guards everywhere.

    To get to the first future object take the first door and walk up in the stairwell to the first door. Now walk right and leave every other door behind you. There it is.

    Now take the red door behind the box and walk to the other side of the shop. You are now in the mall. Now walk right till you reach the “flowers” shop. There is the second box. Now walk back left. Don’t try to reach the other box above with the escalator to the left of it. It’s downstairs only. We have to find another way:

    Walk right and pass the huge window. Under the escalator you will find box #3. When you shoot it open the window behind will explode. Be sure not to hit any people or the guards will begin shooting at you.

    Use the escalator to get a level up. To use it, step right of it. Then walk left while pushing up. Just like in the stairwell. Now use the other escalator and you will be transported to a “guns 'n ammo” shop. Enter it and shoot twice at the first display on the wall (be careful not to hit anybody) and you will receive an auto riffle. There's also an ammo-pack in the shop. When you’re ready leave it and enter the shop to the left. Walk through it and you will be on the other side of the mall. Left of “The Shop” is the arcade where John is playing. Don’t enter it, because the T-1000 will appear and will be after us and we don’t have all out future objects yet.

    Use the down-escalator left of the arcade and walk right. There's the last one. Get it and use the other escalator. Now you have make your way up again to the arcade but you won't have to make any detours when the T-1000 is after you and John.

    This time enter the arcade and make some steps right. Be careful, the T-1000 will emerge from the walls. Don't shoot, just step up to its position and it will disappear. Now walk right until you see the liquid chrome coming out of the floor. Quick step up to it and the T-1000 will appear again. Use this strategy until you reach John. Don't let the T-1000 fire any shots because if someone gets hurt, the guards will be after YOU and it is pretty easy to get someone hurt because this room is full of explosive equipment.

    The T-800 will recognize John. And here I got stuck: How to tell John to follow you? Hit START and there will be now the line “John follow: NO”. Hit the B-Button it will change to “YES”. Now leave the arcade trough the exit to the right.

    Walk further right and you will reach the stairwell again. If you haven’t hurt anybody the guards will ignore you and John. Walk to the bottom of it and then left. You will get out in the garage again. Just walk right and you are safe.

  • Locate and protect Sarah Connor
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (5)

  • Time for some shooting! You and John start in the garage. Notice that you also can view John’s status when pushing START. Keep an eye on his status he gets hurt especially in explosions.

    Enter the first door and you are in another stairwell. Walk up and neutralize the guard until you reach the second door walk right but notice that blowing up radiators will result in an explosion and a pulsing stream of steam that will hurt you. Also the T-1000 will look for you so watch out. I usually find Sarah behind the 2nd door to the right on floor 4 (when you access it from the stairwell). Now leave John with Sarah and get back to them when you have collected all the future objects. Once you’ve found Sarah don't check the other cells, only the staff’s backrooms.

    That’s what I’ve found on the different floors:

    6th Floor:(from left to right)

  • Control room with 2 future objects
  • Door to stairwell
  • 5th Floor:(from left to right)

  • Door to stairwell
  • 4th Floor:(from left to right)

  • Door to stairwell
  • Sarah's cell
  • Backroom with future object
  • 3rd Floor:(from left to right)

  • Door to stairwell
  • 2nd Floor:(from left to right)

  • a VERY explosive vending machine and sofas
  • a computer terminal in the backroom which tells you that Sarah is held on floor 4
  • future object
  • 1st Floor:(from left to right)

  • Storage room with a future object
  • Exit to garage
  • Bigger storage room
  • So you see, you can skip floor 3 and floor 5.
    Now get back to Sarah and John and lead them out through the stairwell. Telling Sarah to follow you works just like telling John (see Level 2). Now walk left to the stairwell door and then down to the garage. Now right and you are done. Please notice that the cops will be after you in the following driving-mission.

  • Acquire explosives

  • Now that’s an easy level and not very extensive. First, walk right until you spot the covering of Enrique’s underground-storage. Walk right, push down and shoot at the same time to shoot it open. Be careful because it will explode. Now climb down and shoot the crates at the left.

    One of the crates will reveal an M16 which you should already have. Don't collect it, because in the second crate there’s a mini gun *hehe*! While shooting at the crates the T-1000 will probably show up and the cops will begin to throw explosives.

    Shoot at the T-1000 until is disappears and get the mini gun. At fist I had some troubles picking it up because it seemed floating in the air or something. So just step up at its position and then jump. You will land on the same crate as the mini gun. Now duck and you will pick up the strongest weapon in the game. If the T-1000 shows up again just hold the fire-button and watch :D

    Now walk to the other side of the ladder and shoot at the shelves. Ammunition will pop out. Collect until you have 999 rounds. Further, if you walk to the right end of the storage there are also some crates with a mini gun in it.

    Let’s get the explosives: The TNT is in the first crate to the right when you enter the storage. It's the one in the foreground in front of the shelf. Shoot it open just like you opened the storage cover or duck and shoot. Collect the TNT and get up the ladder. Four cops will wait there for you so if you appear on the surface, you better be quick: Step right or left, duck and shoot. There are some more cops to the left and the T-1000 will emerge from Enrique’s trailer. Shoot at everything you see and move on to Miles Dyson’s estate.

    Now get back to Sarah and John and lead them out through the stairwell. Telling Sarah to follow you works just like telling John (see Level 2). Now walk left to the stairwell door and then down to the garage. Now right and you are done. Please notice that the cops will be after you in the following driving-mission.

  • Obtain Cyberdyne security key
  • Destroy Dyson’s research
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (3)

  • Okay, be quick and prepare yourself to take some hits. Fist, enter the house through the door to your right. Now watch out for some explosive objects on the ceiling. They will drop and explode when you are in proximity.

    Take the first door and walk through the living room. Behind it in the garden there is future object # 1. Now walk back to the entrance hall.

    To achieve the first objective walk left and enter the second door. Now shoot at the endo-skeleton and Dyson's computer. Also pickup the future object in this room. Dyson will call the police and a SWAT team will soon arrive so be quick to complete the other tasks.

    Dyson is in the bedroom behind the first door on the 1st floor. When you walk up to him, Dyson will reveal you where the key is. Usually it’s in the bedroom but if not you have to find it yourself. If it’s in “this bedroom” then it’s in the cupboard, left of the mirror. Just step over there and push the up button.

    Get out of this room and walk right and take the last door on this floor. There you should find the last future object.

    And now get out. SWAT should have accessed the house by now. Just walk back the way you’ve entered the house, duck and shoot at contact. If you leave the house there are several SWAT-members waiting for you (one is on a rope!) so be prepared. Walk left to leave the location.

  • Locate Cyberdyne vault containing T-800 remains
  • Weaken structure for effective use of explosives

  • The toughest level. You will definitely take some heavy damage, so protect John and Sarah well! One of your objectives is to make some damage to Cyberdyne systems (70%) and nearly everything is destructible, so be careful and try not to take too much damage from explosions.

    Enter Cyberdyne systems and you will find yourself in the plaza. And there’s a bunch of new enemies. The most dangerous are the little tanks which fire cannonballs at you. It is priority one to take then out first at any cost.

    Make some damage (the pillars are destructible too) and enter the first door you reach. There's a nasty little robot on the ceiling behind it. Shoot it and run, because it will drop and explode and harm John and Sarah. Walk right to the next room with the elevator. Take out the guards and leave John and Sarah there. Now roam the building and make as much damage as possible.

    If your energy is very low those are the only two med-packs in the whole game: Access the upper floor via the elevator. Now enter the second door and shoot the console next to the door. A green medi-pack should pop out and boost up your energy for 25.

    The other one you can find when you enter the door in the plaza-screen on the floor before the top-floor. The room looks just like the other room and the medicine is also hidden in the console.

    After exceeding 70% of damage return to Sarah and John and lead them to the vault on the 3rd floor. In front of the door switch “John follow” off. After about 10 seconds he will have bypassed the door lock mechanism and you can walk in and take the remains by stepping up to them and pushing the up-button. Protect John well while he opens the door.


  • Find structural center point for explosive detonation
  • In other words, you have to find the best spot to place the TNT. Walk out of the vault and take John and Sarah with you. Walk left until you reach a door. Enter it. There will be a working T-800 endoskeleton ready to attack you. Duck and shoot until it explodes; also the wall will explode and leave behind a big hole. If the endoskeleton just drops its head it will “wake up” soon and attack you again. Proceed to the next room, where two of those little tanks will attack you. Shoot both of them. On the left side of the door there should be the right spot.

    Plant the bomb (push up) and now be quick, you only have one minute to leave the building. Get back to the door of the vault. Don't pay any attention to guards or SWAT members behind you just keep walking. From the vault walk right and take the elevator to the ground floor, even if it goes up first, you will make it in time though. Walk through the ground-floor door, then left, in the plaza also left and outside of Cyberdyne systems left again. Now watch the fireworks :D

  • Protect John and Sarah
  • Destroy T-1000
  • Locate and retrieve all future objects (6)

  • The Showdown… and fortunately not a hard level :)! The toughest part is to find all the future objects and to keep the T-1000 away from you. Try to save your ammunition, you will need it for the final confrontation!

    After the briefing John and Sarah will walk away. After you make some steps John seems to return. Watch out, it’s the T-1000. Shoot him and proceed to the left. You will encounter a T-800 endoskeleton with a strong gun. Duck and shoot until it explodes. There are more from this kind.

    On the next screen don’t use the steps, just walk to the left and try to avoid all drips of molten steel. T-800 will locate a door. And you can locate doors by the black and yellow stripes on top of it. Now move on to the huge pot in the background and stop. A T-bar will drop and it’s good not to get hit by it. Also, a moving hook is moving around. Try to stay low or you will be transported very fast into some troubles… Duck and shoot the endoskeleton. Walk further left and there’s the first future object. Collect it and walk out of the screen on the left side, because that’s a door.

    You are now on a different screen with some ladders, a hook and an emerging T-1000. Shoot it and climb up the ladder and take out the endoskeleton. Move up as high as you can. On the platform after the last steps there is a door. Walk through it. Now climb down the ladder where future object #2 is hidden.

    Climb up and jump over the little gap to the left platform and leave the screen through the door. You are now on a platform with a ladder up to another endoskeleton, three metal-drips and the T-1000. Shoot the T-1000 and walk right, pass the drips (you need a neat timing) until you reach a ladder. Climb down and there is the third future object.

    From this position walk down the steps and then right. Again, shoot T-1000 and walk through the door. You are on a new screen on a platform with a ladder down to another platform. T-1000 will show up when you walk right. Climb down the ladder and walk down the steps to the ground. Now walk right and collect the future object. Walk some steps right and duck because an endoskeleton will attack you. Walk further right (another endoskeleton) and further right there’s future object #5 located.

    Walk back left but don’t get shocked when suddenly an endoskeleton is behind you. Now take the left door on this level and you should get out on a location you’ve been before. Take out the T-1000 and take the door to the right. On the next screen shoot the endoskeleton and walk right. Again, mind the moving hook and the falling T-bar. Walk past the melting pot, up the steps and through the door the T-800 localized at the beginning. If you are up the steps the T-1000 will separate itself from the ladder in a well done animation. Take him out and walk through the door. Prepare to meet another endoskeleton and the T-1000 again. Walk down the steps to the ground and there’s the last future object. Collect it and proceed to Sarah and John:

    From your current position walk left, back to the ladder. An endoskeleton will wait for you on the ground level and one on the upper level. Take out the one on the ground and walk up half of the steps. Push up and shoot at the endoskeleton from below. Now walk up the remaining steps and now right to some more steps. From this platform left until you arrive under a broken ladder. There is also a strange looking part of a tube beneath it – the T-1000. Shoot him and walk further left through the door. On the next screen you are on a small platform with a ladder and the door you just came from. Climb up the ladder and take the door on the left. On this screen walk up the steps and (FINALLY!) there are John and Sarah. Walk to the right of them, duck, and wait for the T-1000 to appear. If it appears, shoot; just like Sarah. It will disappear and after some seconds emerge again. Shoot with your pistol and let the impacts push T-1000 off the edge into the molten steel.

    And here the game deviates quite strong from the movie: The T-1000 will emerge from the metal in shape of Edvard Munch’s “Scream” and spit drips of metal into the air. Step under the pot and try to dodge as many drips as you’re able to. If the T-1000 rises, step under it and shoot up. After quite a lot hits with the mini gun it should finally be defeated and the T-800 will begin its journey through the time.

    Congratulations! Lean back and enjoy the credits!

    August 2003

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