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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 4

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I would like to appologise about before. I think I sorted out the problem, and you should be able to download now. I have removed the VS Battles, and have only uploaded the "Choreography" matches for now. However, I will remove them and place the VS battle matches back on here on 12/12/03. All video's will now stay on here for about 1 week, before I remove them and replace them with different ones.

If however, you still have problems with downloading, e-mail me (bottom of page) or post on Tekken Zaiabtsu.


Due to the limited amount of space which I have on angel fire, I will only be able to upload a certain amount of video's on here at a time. If I happen to have more video's than I can put on here simultaneously, from time to time, I will remove some video's and replace them with different ones. However, I will place the ones I removed before, back on here after a certain amount of time

.:Download Information:.

Here are my Tekken 4 video's which I recorded. Some are actual matches, and some are not. The ones that are not, are "Charcter Choreography" matches. These are video's involving two of the same characters, doing identical moves simultaneously. All "Charcter Choreography" matches were choreographed, and performed by MAC and SIM.

All of the "Character Choreography" matches are MPEG format. However, all matches will require Winzip, DivX codec, or DivX player. If you require any of the above, click on the links below:-

.:Choreographed Movies:.

//@@@@@ Paul VS Paul@@@@@@@@@/ Law VS Law

@@@@@ Steve VS Steve@@@@@@@@// Lei VS Lei


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