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Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Welcome to the homepage of the EMML's Tampa Bay Devil Rays Franchise.

The Devil Rays are currently owned by "g$" George Fitzpatrick. He took over the team in the offseason before 2022.

Check the links below to navigate through the Devil Rays site, or stay on this page for recent news and transactions.


Devil Rays Owner/GM/Head Coach George Fitzpatrick has announced his first trade so far this season, sending IF Jules Barton and cash to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for 3B Aaron Berry.

"I'm a big fan of the Berry-man," Fitzpatrick says. "We had a hole at 3B due to the departure of Wil Cardoza into Free Agency, and I think Aaron Berry fills it well."

"He's a talented player, and is fairly successful when he gets a chance to play," Fitzpatick added. "He was getting no love on the bench with the Braves, and that will change here in Tampa."

Fitzpatrick also publically announced his trading block. "You may be shocked at who's on there, so you definetly should take a look."

Recent Transactions

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