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Super Romz 4 U

Your No 1 Resource for Roms and Emulators!!

Welcome all!! I am Shadow Cat!! I made thos site basically to give to others what joys I once recived in downloading Emulators and ROMs. I hope you enjoy coz I put a lotta blood sweat and tears into this. For those of you that haven't used Emulators and ROMs before here's a quick tutorial. Click Emulators below. You will then be asked to choose your system. Once you have downloaded your Emulator click ROMs to start getting some games!! and thats all there is to it!! O yeh and you'll need Winzip to extract the files. If you have any problems, requests etc feel free to join my forum and post any comments (please join it took me ages to do!) or if you really can't be bothered just mail me . Enjoy :-)




A new era has begun!!! The website went up today. Not got any ROMs as of yet and the Emulators are just gettin started so don't panic if yours aint there coz I'll get it up soon!! Forums are up too yayy!! :-) P.S Once I've got the ROM's up I'll do some screenshots and stuff probably!! :-)