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Why superjump?


The thread

I found it!!! Okay here are the steps!

1. Go to the Pay N' Spray on the first Island.

2.Right next store to it is a stairway/jump that can
get you on top of the roof where you can get the

3. Opposite of the staircase is a long path you can
use to gain speed. (you`ll need to use it later.)

4. Park a sports car 1/3 of the way off the edge of
the staircase. (to where the front wheels hang

5. Go down the path and face the jump with car on top.

6. Go fast, hold up to lean forward, towards the jump.

7. Right before you hit the car, wheelie big and you
will go FLYING!!!

It REALLY launches you. It usually throws me into the
sky where it is ALL BLACK for like 10 seconds,
spinning like crazy! The most spins I got was an
1800 degree spin!!!

By: SlashaX