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New Recruit’s

Guild Rules


 1.Be aware of our goals as a guild.

To become the number one guild on this server (Rank 5 now)

To Help each other no matter of level

To Grow as a Family Not Just a Guild


2.The Guild House is the pride of the Guild

The house is what our Guild Strives for it represents the strength of our Guild and our alliance

All Members work and contribute to this cause

This house represents how well our guild works together

The house vaults has items for new guildies  (once you receive your fist promotion)


3.How to get a Promotion in the Guild

This is one of the Easiest Guilds to be promoted

We consider all level of players to be equal levels 1-50

If you help others and show a effort to support the guild you will be promoted

Before a promotion is given to anyone. Other guildies will be asked and if a few say you have helped

And will vouch for you then you will earn your promotion 


4.Why you should contribute to the Guild and the House

By helping others they will help you, Plying a lower lvl toon benefits the guild strength

The stronger the guild is the more power you will have in getting groups for raids artifacts and general farming

For example how helping a level 15 benifts a level 50- lets say its that Shaman or healer that you plyed From lvl 15-30

When he hits 50 and you need that last plat for that artifact or that one healer class to do a raid they will remember you said yes

When they needed help and will be happy to finally repay you for how you helped them.


5.Finally! This is a Game That takes a lot of Effort

   We as a Guild Family Take a strong pride in being The Best Guild For anyone that Joins us if you need help ask

If you have time go help someone!

If you have a problem with someone and want to argue with them make a chat group believe me that one you mad at probably

Is just as mad at you and will have no problem joining a cg to tell you exactly how they feel too

But most of all lets support each other and Reach our Goals as a guild and as a player on this server.