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Welcome to clan socom hunters. This is our official web page, the overall meeting place for every one in our clan to get together and view the information they need for the clan battles, rosters, and whoever's new in our clan. If you want to join the clan, this is the place to be. Also, you can chat to some of the members here as well. Have fun.

    Welcome to the clan; clan ŝocom hunters. We are a clan filled with some very good players, but pride ourselves on having a great time instead of showing off our skills. Although the member's play time may vary, the clan is usually on all day long. Also, we do have clan battles, but not using GB (Game Battles). We do keep track of what goes on, though, and will soon have some of our people broadcasting video clips of them playing online.

    Unlike some of the other clans, we have our own ladder. This ladder tells the rest of the clan who gets to be on the clan battle rosters. Along with some information on most, if not all of our members, we will publish some of their personally created stuff on their pages. Some of our clan members are very talented, and take pride in their stuff, so look and listen to what they've got, and no plagiarism. We don't need any plagiarism, too much already :-)

    Remember, if you like our clan after everything is seen, then you can always attempt to join us. All you have to to one of the administrators to the clan. In order to be in, you have to go through both of them (Showtime2k4, the clan leader, and pyrokineticist, the webmaster).

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