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Welcome to clan socom hunters. This is our official web page, the overall meeting place for every one in our clan to get together and view the information they need for the clan battles, rosters, and whoever's new in our clan. If you want to join the clan, this is the place to be. Also, you can chat to some of the members here as well. Have fun.

    ŝocom hunteres, as mentioned in the home page, is a clan dedicated to having a blast. We don't care for showing off our skills in fighting as much as showing off how much of a good time we can have. However, we will still be available for some clan battles, so long as the opposing clan has as much fun as we do. Also, Game Battles aren't done by this clan as a whole, but anyone in our clan may join if they wish.

    As one of the many unique clans, this clan has members each of a different background, and each with different skills and knowledge that he or she adds to this clan. Each of these members know how to have a good time, though. This seems to be the bond that we all share here. Besides, killing is only fun when you've got friends there to enjoy it with!

    In case anyone wants to have a clan battle for fun, we have a roster already prepared. This roster does have all of our strongest players on it, each one having proven themselves in a one on one match against everyone else in the clan. The people featured on this clan battle roster are usually available, but sometimes things will get busy because of schooling and jobs that the players may have. If you do want a clan battle, expect up to a week's time before getting a notice. But remember, no Game Battles.

    Just follow the links to the right if you want to access information from our clan, including clan and member rankings, the clan battle roster, and even short player bios (but only the ones that actually wanted to do that).