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Welcome to clan socom hunters. This is our official web page, the overall meeting place for every one in our clan to get together and view the information they need for the clan battles, rosters, and whoever's new in our clan. If you want to join the clan, this is the place to be. Also, you can chat to some of the members here as well. Have fun.

    Welcome to the clan battle page. This page will give you all information leading to this clan's clan battle records and sign-ups. Also, this page and the link on this page give you complete and sweet footage of this clan playing against every other clan. This area in the website isn't just limited to the good videos of clan battles, though, because no clan in the world can say that they've never lost unless they are newbies. This clan gives footage of us kicking ass and taking names, as well as us getting our asses handed to us. We aren't holding anything back.

    As mentioned throughout this web site, we do not do Game Battles as a whole. Games (especially online) should be played only for fun. Also, the entire clan isn't on at the same time. In fact, usually only up to five people are online at the same time, and even that's extremely rare to find. On the other hand, if you do feel like waiting for a week (or even more), then go ahead and sign up for a clan battle with us. We'll try to get everyone on the battle roster ready for a clan battle within a week, but no guarantees!