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Welcome to clan socom hunters. This is our official web page, the overall meeting place for every one in our clan to get together and view the information they need for the clan battles, rosters, and whoever's new in our clan. If you want to join the clan, this is the place to be. Also, you can chat to some of the members here as well. Have fun.

    Hey everyone. This is the page that lets you know who you're going to be up against, or lets you know if you're going to fight in any upcoming clan battles. The reason that we have to have a separate roster for clan battles is because some of the best people in our clan aren't going to be on all the time. So, we've decided to ask each of the players if they were going to be available for clan battles whenever we needed them, and we decided to have a roster of the top 8 people in our clan that were indeed available. Here are the people on our clan battle roster.

1) Showtime2k4 (contact | contact)

2) PYROKINETICIST (contact | contact | contact)

3) AGR