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Gloomguide - Your guide to everything Gloom!

This is a step-based guide from 'Step 1: Files' to 'Step 5: Class Information '.
All easy to follow.

Step 1: Files Checklist


1. Download the 'Gloom 1.3 Installer' and install it in your Quake2 folder.

2. Download the 'Gloom Server Browser' (gsb.exe), and put it anywhere you want.

3. Download the 'Gloom 1.3 Installer' again and install it in your Quake2 folder to make
sure the first installer skip or miss a file.


1. On the right side there are a couple of files with the extension '.bsp' - Download
all of them.

2. If you find any 'mappack's', download them too, it will take about 4 days.

3. When you have all the map files you need, extract each and everyone of them
to your quake2/gloom/maps dir.

Step 2: Configuration

"Configuration", it does sound hard doesn't it? But don't worry, it's all very easy
to set up when following this guide to perfection.

1. First of all you have to bind all the keys to following:
"grenade". Exept the movement keys just as the image below:

Not so hard, was it? Anyway, I made a config for you to copy and paste into your own
config file (autoexec.cfg):

// generated by quake, do not modify
unbind all
bind TAB "grenade"
bind ENTER "grenade"
bind ESCAPE "grenade"
bind SPACE "grenade"
bind ' "grenade"
bind + "grenade"
bind , "grenade"
bind - "grenade"
bind . "grenade"
bind / "grenade"
bind 0 "grenade"
bind 1 "grenade"
bind 2 "grenade"
bind 3 "grenade"
bind 4 "grenade"
bind 5 "grenade"
bind 6 "grenade"
bind 7 "grenade"
bind 8 "grenade"
bind 9 "grenade"
bind = "grenade"
bind [ "grenade"
bind \ "grenade"
bind ] "grenade"
bind ` "grenade"
bind a "+moveleft"
bind b "grenade"
bind c "grenade"
bind d "+moveright"
bind e "grenade"
bind f "grenade"
bind g "grenade"
bind h "grenade"
bind i "grenade"
bind j "grenade"
bind k "grenade"
bind l "grenade"
bind p "grenade"
bind q "grenade"
bind r "grenade"
bind s "+back"
bind t "grenade"
bind u "grenade"
bind v "grenade"
bind w "+forward"
bind x "grenade"
bind y "grenade"
bind z "grenade"
bind ~ "grenade"
bind BACKSPACE "grenade"
bind UPARROW "grenade"
bind DOWNARROW "grenade"
bind LEFTARROW "grenade"
bind RIGHTARROW "grenade"
bind ALT "grenade"
bind CTRL "grenade"
bind SHIFT "grenade"
bind F1 "grenade"
bind F2 "grenade"
bind F3 "grenade"
bind F4 "grenade"
bind F5 "grenade"
bind F6 "grenade"
bind F9 "grenade"
bind F10 "grenade"
bind F12 "grenade"
bind INS "grenade"
bind DEL "grenade"
bind PGDN "grenade"
bind END "grenade"
bind MWHEELDOWN "grenade"
bind MWHEELUP "grenade"
bind PAUSE "grenade"

Later on when you are really skilled you can add some more commands like
bind space "say asdjkah'we'sdf" - But be careful, it's only for emergency use!


Step 3: Starting the game

Now when Gloom is all installed and set up we can finally start the game beginning
with the gsb.exe.

When the gsb is opend it should look somewhat like this:


Now you have to do one more small change, and it's pressing the 'config' button.
Once configurated that part, you're all ready to go! Now doubleclick any of
the servers, I recommend that you chose a server with as many players
as possible.

On some servers in the gsb there are always atleast one player, who has the same name as
the server itself (kind of homosexual I think). But nevermind him, he is as lost as
one can be, and rarely speaks, so don't bother at all.


Step 4: Ingame

When Gloom has started, you are an 'observer'. The first thing you must do when
joining a game, is to greet everyone playing, and you have to greet them all in person.

Then the second thing you have to do is simply to 'fly' around and watch how the
teams are doing, then you may join the team who will most likely win the match.
If the match just started, there are very useful "ingame guidelines" recognized by
the "tag" infront of their names. [Dem], [A] and [Bad] are great for the joining purpose.


Step 5a: Alien Information

Breeder - This class will make your teammates respect you. The breeder is good at
jumping very low. The breeder has only one perpose; to run into the Human base.
It's true! All the Humans will be paralyzed by the looks of the breeder and start
shouting: "Cute, cute!!!"
In that way you can let your teammates destroy the Human base.

Hatchling - This class has no purpose.

Drone - As this class jumps very high, it might just be able to win the world
championship in jumping, though, there are no world championships in Gloom.
You get the point - Useless.

Flying creature - Can fly and spit small green thingies that's perfect for spitting out.

Kamikaze - This class has a very interesting perpose. It's all about killing yourself.
It's useful when you have too many frags.

Stinger - A spider with a tale?

Guardian - The guardian has, as in their own words "Pincer with invisible engine"
Lucky this one is invisible so we don't have to see this big enginelike spider.

Stalker - Big.


Step 5b: Human Information

Humans - Such as you and me (hopefully).