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Pictures of Ugly People

This website is about ME, I guess.

Name: Mason Mindanao
Height: 5'4
Race: Filipino
Likes:Basketball, DDR, Trance, Stand-up Comedy

Dislikes: Sunshine and fun! Err...stupid people, Al Roker, McDonalds, strange foods, kids on TV, Racists, loud people
Things I'm Freaked Out By:People who eat insects, flying kids, flies entombed in french fries
Current Sanitation Rating: Clean

Current Intelligence Level: INCREDIBLY STUPID!

Life As It Is

Wednesday, June 11 2003

Mood Level: Slightly Triumphant

Yay, school ends tomorrow. W00t. As you probably look at some of the crap around here you might be thinking, "WTF?!" but don't worry, I have already proven myself to be incapable of everything.

Tuesday, June 10 2003

Mood Level: Mild Depression

Just started this site up cuz I'm bored and I think it's better if I try to monitor myself this way instead of containing anger and rage until it eats me alive from the insides. 1