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What use does it have

Bringing me the pain of hope...

I remember when I had fantasies
I remember when I had hopes and dreams
Now burned away with the scars of time
Living only in the verse and rhyme
Of melodies I've lost to you...

The faintest trace of the Siren's song
Sends me chasing dreams I've had so long
You play with me, or is it I?
Uplifting me, despairing me...
Have I lost my mind?

But now
What is hope good for?
Building me up and knocking me down

When you've leapt so high and fallen so fast
How can you go on?

Dreams, they're nothing but dreams
Faint emotions and a tingling feel
Forgive my mind, I'm so confused
Still too young
To understand...

Playing with my heart once more

Scarring me forever...

I won't forget
The feeling I had when I first saw your face

I won't forget
The hope I had when I got so damn close

I won't forget
All the happiness I dreamed we could have

I won't forget
All these scars running down my back

Can you tell me
Why the sound of your voice
Utterly froze me right in my tracks?

Can you tell me
Why I still desire
Desire you...

No...can't be...

Give me your hand...
Tonight just rest I'm holding it back
My dignity and my pride

Or am I holding in the memory
All of it, when I longed after you

Part the cloudy skies, I know
This is what it's like

Bring back the joy of the sun
In this place I'll never see again

But now...
I think I understand

I'm green with envy, red with pain
Why oh why oh why oh why

Was it a mistake?
Or was it never meant to be?
Do you have emotion?
Or is that I'm too damn crazy

Sinking down into the waters
S.S. Titanic, please take me down
To the bottom floor of the coldest ocean
Where I know what's waiting for me

Please just leave me here to live alone

Just get the Hell away from me!

Please, ignore the bleeding
Please, ignore the screaming
Fine, fine like a newborn child
The cuts mean nothing on me

Perhaps the meaning's twisted
Yet now, I see that I've missed it
The joy and the pain...
It's all simply part of me

Once more...