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Hello. I am skorpion20090. First things first. My friend Matt isn't funny. He copies everything I do that is cool or funny. Second: My comic role model is George Carlin. He is hilarious. He says more curses than I do, and I curse a lot. The longest word I ever heard is antidisestablishmentarianism. That is a real word. You can't find it in most dictionaries. I love videogames. VICE CITY RULES. BRIAN DOESN'T. Feel free to click on anything that is on my site.

Here are some links to other sites:

Click here to go to the Jokes section of my website.

Most of the stuff on this is is funny, but you might encounter parts that are very creepy.

A lot of things on this site are hilarious, and they have some of the funniest toons I've ever seen. A reccomendation from me is Retarded Animal Babies.

This site has some cool games, but you need Shockwave to play most of them.

This has a lot of interesting things to do if you're bored.

This is where I got some of my jokes from.

This is the website of my favorite comedian, George Carlin.

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get this gear!

get this gear!

Hehehe. My friend Matt actually thinks he can make a better website than me just because he got a Dreamweaver (someone e-mail me at to tell me what the fuck a Dreamweaver is and what it does in the first place). Of course, he's wrong because no matter what programs he gets to MAKE A WEBSITE FOR HIM, his website will never be better than mine. He even said, and I quote, "I'm gay, and I suck because I dont have any original ideas." Thank you all for allowing me to state this announcement.