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What is Simcity 3000 Unlimited?

What is Simcity?

Simcity 3000 Unlimited is the the latest version of the simulation game Simcity. The game allows you to build and have almost ultimate control over your city and its sims, or citizens. In the game you will place roads, utility structures, city buildings, schools, residential zones, commercial zones, and industrial zones on a terrain that you can edit yourself. Plus, you can build your own buildings in Building Architect Plus, and create your own scenarios.

Then comes the task of keeping it all. You may have almost absolute control over your cities, but it's the sims in it that decide whether you're good mayor or not. Believe me, they will throw you out of office. Just stay well out of the red (keep the city from going deep into debt). Fortunately, in Simcity 3000 you can have deals with neighbors and a businessman named Landagraab, that will boost your income. For more stratagies visit Simcity 3000 Strategies.

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