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halo2 glitches
halo2 glitches
uploading halo2 glitch photos
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you really think this is hard?It is so ez to do!
not telling | lol | October 18, 2005

not so hard

Anonymous | November 27, 2005

Anonymous | March 04, 2006

cvs | | April 02, 2006

fukin retarded
Anonymous | April 30, 2006

what the fuck is so great about this

gfgffds | gfgff | May 02, 2006

oh my god....... he`s floating
panther | May 17, 2006

soooo gay

Anonymous | May 20, 2006

wtf...this website is retarted..ohhhhh wow a picture of some1 floating...thats soooooo awsome!!!!not
person | June 06, 2006

this is such a gay ass websit it only has a picture of some1 floating
ur ass bitch! | June 06, 2006

this is so easy just have a energy sword with a enemy on top of u and the person on the ground should look down and crouch downwhil the person on the bottom slowly walk while crouching

kokokokok | June 19, 2006

so thats how do it.......... ive been trying to do that for months

Anonymous | June 23, 2006

this site sucks bloodymonkey ass chunks
its so fucking gay ooh wow a picture of some1 floating omfg
annonymous | July 27, 2006

this fucking site is the worst site ive beeen to since i was born omg a alien floating
Anonymous | August 04, 2006

this site is the gayest halo2 site ever made
Anonymous | September 28, 2006    Next