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The GamesTM legacy 
GamesTM is (at the time of writing this in October 2004) a relatively new magazine which is kind of like Edge in format. As well as covering all the new consoles, it also has a usually excellent 30 page Retro section, which has all kinds of interesting stuff in like retro news, reviews, family trees. 
One feature (that seems to have been dropped now) was called "Star Games!" where if a game was in something like a movie then it would be there. In issue 18 GamesTM printed about a unknown Street Fighter game in an episode of Father Ted. 
The episode, by the way, is called "The Great Whistle Theft" and, like all Father Ted episodes, is very funny. Before this article was published I can remember seeing this episode and when I saw the SF2 game I just thought that it was a version for the Amiga or something, because of the joysticks. 
Anyway, in the next issue a letter was printed from Brenton Borge explaining that the mystery game was the scrapped Champion Edition game from 1992 (see this section if you don't know about it) Initially I didn't agree with this and still don't, but I'll get to that later. 
Then, 2 months later (Issue 20) this letter from Michael Carrig appeared. Carrig believed that it was from the Amiga 500 version, but wasn't very specific. I'm not sure how many versions of Street Fighter 2 received. So GamesTM's comment of "the background of Ryu's stage is completely different on that version" may not be right, since if conversions of Street Fighter 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 came out, for instance, the backgrounds would definitely be different. 
Another 2 months later (Issue 22) two articles were in the Retro letter pages. The first was from Graham Lineham, who (as it says) was the co-creator of Father Ted. He says that the joysticks weren't actually plugged into anything, which means anything could be shown on screen and it wouldn't matter. This meant that the TV could be displaying a game that didn't actually play on the console Dougal and Damo were using. 
Brenton Borge also wrote in again this issue, with a link to Street Fighter Legend's section on the cancelled Championship Edition game. The link he give goes here on Andy's site. Andy quickly reacted with this update: 
Another 2 months later (Issue 24) my letter was printed regarding the situation. I basically exaplined about the on screen message of "FIRST ATTACK" and told them about this site and the fact you can get the rom from planetEMU. 
That's how far this is going so far, unless Capcom provide an answer to GamesTM. Oh, about the actual game from Father Ted, it is NOT the Champion Edition game that was cancelled. Well, it can't be the one Brenton refers to, just check out this comparison: 
1) E.Honda has won one round and has a star next to his energy bar to signify this. On the other screenshot, it is a hand doing a peace sign. 
2) The timer is different in each game. 
3)  The text above the energy bars is different in either game. The Father Ted one has information about win records, whilst the other one has the scores. 
4) By the looks of it, the Father Ted game has no borders where the energy bars are. Either that or they are aligned, something that in the Champion Edition beta they were not aligned. 
So, these games are not the same. I believe that the Father Ted game is a Amiga version, or something. Maybe Capcom will be able to shed some light on this, until then, hang on and feck off. Drink! 
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