Aelfborn Rune


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The sterile offspring of Elf and Man, the Aelfborn are feared and distrusted by the both of the races that sired them. Creatures of passion, Aelfborn are driven to extremes of emotion and often are driven to madness by the imbalance in their blood. In previous Ages it was believed that the offspring of Man and Elf were the vessels of Chaos, creatures of spirit rather than soul, consumed by deamons of madness as they grow older. No sure cure for the curse of the Aelfborn has ever been found, but Aelfborn children are often marked with magical tatoos to magically keep them sane. In the days since the Turning, unprecendented numbers of Aelfborn are said to be gathering in the wilds, far from the eyes of Elves or Man, to forge a new society of their own. Aelfborn lack the immortality of both races -- They age as man, but can produce no offspring.

Starting Attributes

  • Strength: 40 (Max:95)
  • Dexterity: 50 (Max:120)
  • Constitution: 40 (Max:95)
  • Intelligence: 45 (Max:105)
  • Spirit: 35 (Max:95)
Warcry Network

All of the information on this site is taken directly from Shadowbane: The Warcry Network.

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