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This Green Barrett is sitting in the middle seat on an airplane. When these two marines walk up and sit beside him. After while the Green Barrett decides to take off his boots. Then one of the marines says to the Green Barrett can you get me a coke. So he goes and gets the coke. While he’s getting the coke the marine takes one of his boots and spits into it. After the Green Barrett comes back, the other marine says to him can you get me a coke too. So the Green Barrett goes and gets the marine a coke. While Green Barrett’s getting the coke, the marine takes his other boot and spits in to it. Then the Green Barrett comes back and sits down and gives the marines there cokes. As soon as the flight lands the Green Barrett goes to put on his boots and goes Ulgh! When is this stupid stereotypical **** of spitting in boots and ***sing in drinks going to stop.