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This site is under constant construction until otherwise noted!

Like Neopets but need something a bit more realistic? Try Powerpets! Look me up there, as Trelweny! I'll do my best to teach you the ropes!
Power Pets - The Greatest Virtual World site on the Internet!

This is my first attempt at a not-prefabricated webpage, so please bear with me! I'm just learning html, & until I get the hang of it well there will most likely be errors & other hangups. Thanks for your patience!

This is a scanned image of Armina, my Long Arm character on ".hack//DIVERGENCE". The quality isn't that great, cuz for some reason the scanners kept making it larger than the original & I had to make it smaller afterward. *laughs* When I get a better scan I'll update it.

This is a banner I made for Armina... first real attempt. *grins* The following two are from my fellow .hack//DIVERGENCE friend.

I'm hopefully going to get up things for my friends to find easily so that they don't have to search like I did!

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

My Favorite Web Sites

ElfQuest Home Page
The Official Harry Potter Website
Final Fantasy Insider Forum
Order of the Enlightened Message Board
Order of the Enlightened Weppage (an EverQuest guild on Tholuxe Paels)
.hack//DIVERGENCE online RPG

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