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This Document Serves as a walkthrough on:
Title: Final Fantasy X
System: Playstation2
Genre: RPG
Other Document Information:
Author: Darcy Gallant (AKA Angelus Reborn) []
And is copyrighted to Darcy Gallant (AKA Angelus Reborn) []

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Copyright, 2004, Darcy Gallant
All Rights Reserved
This guide is not to be reproduced under any circumstances with the exception of private uses. It may not be displayed on any website or displayed publicly be any other means without my written permission in ADVANCE. Use of this guide without my regards is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright. If any duplication of this guide is created/placed anywhere actions WILL be taken so brace yourself. Chances are I will request immediate removal from your site. Although depending on how much you copy other actions may be taken. Note: This guide is not to be printed what-so-ever, or any other means of transferring it from the computer. Doing so is prohibited and is a serious offence/violation to my Copyright.

If you wish to host this guide contact me at this email address: titling your email 'FFX Guide Request'.

All requests will be responded to ASAP, which is pretty soon ;). If your request is accepted then you are to use it on your site under this conditions:

[Condition1] You do not change a single character in this guide. Not one, whether it is a typo or something you don't want to include on your site.

[Condition2] Full credit is given to myself. Whoever owns x site may not pose as my Alias 'Angelus Reborn', nor as Darcy Gallant which is my real name.

[Condition3] I'd just like to stress that you NEED permission! And depending on the site all aplications are subject to denile, although that will be fairly rare.

[Condition4] When I make changes to this document it is your responsibility to keep it reasonably up to date.

If any of these conditions are not met I will request immediate removal of this Guide from your site. The Following Sites have Permission to use this FAQ: And Just so I don't get Square on my back here is a disclaimer: I do not own any of this game nor am I affilated with them. But I DO own this FAQ. Hence the copyright. Once again: This document is (C) To Darcy Gallant, 2004. Note: The HTML version of this document can be found here: