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.:.Quistis Trepe.:.

Height: 5' 6"
Weapon: Chain Whip
Birthdate: October 4th

Joining SeeD at the ripe young age of 15, Quistis' excellent fighting abilities quickly earned her a position at the Garden as a teacher. Well respected throughout the academy, Quistis' devoted students huddle together as "Trepies." Though she has a bold and sharp exterior, her soul is wretched with frustration that makes her vulnerable to the sorrow deep within her heart.

Supported Weapons: Weapon Name: Chain Whip Price: 100 Gil Atk: 12 Atk%: 103 Magazine Req'd:March Edition (No. 3) Description: Whips are effective against enemies that are close or far away. The Chain Whip has a simple design but is very reliable in battle. Parts Req'd:Spider Web (x1) M-Stone Piece (x2)
Weapon Name: Slaying Tail Price: 200 Gil Atk: 14 Atk%:104 Magazine Req'd: May Edition (No. 5) Description:This whip, the Slaying Tail, is known for it tremendous speed and power. Its named after Sleipner, the horse of the legendary GF Odin. Parts Req'd: Sharp Spike (x1) Magic Stone (x2)
Weapon Name: Red Scorpion Price: 400 Gil Atk: 20 Atk%:105 Magazine Rreq'd: June edition (No. 6) Description:The Red Scorpion is a unique whip made of rare materials. Its strength comes from the Dragon Skin, while its flexibility comes from the Ochu Tentacles. Parts Req'd: Ochu Tentacle (x2) Dragon Skin (x2)
Weapon Name: Save the Queen Price:800 Gil Atk: 25 Atk%:107 Magazine Req'd: August Edition (No. 8) Description:Save the Queen is the most powerful whip in the world. It is made with Malboro Tentacles, which are the most ideal materials for making whips. Parts Req'd:Malboro Tentacle (x2) Sharp Spike (x4) Energy Crystal (x4) I thought that I don't belong......