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The Quaketography Files

About The Quaketography Files:

Hello, this is Quatre Raberba Winner. Your favorite CustomTF Sniper extraordinaire! ;D

I'm a HUGE photo fanatic. I love taking pictures of things and my obsession still holds true even in the Quakeworld. So, I have all my Quake screenshots on this website for your viewing pleasure.

Other than a place to showcase all the bizarre/funny things people have said or done, this website was made in a rememberance of all the previous players(The veterans). These pictures were taken almost six years ago and most of the players have moved on to newer games(Not that Quake 1 was new back in 2002. *LOL*)

If your pictures are on this website and you would like to contribute your info for your info page, then please e-mail me at: with the subject as "Quaketography".


December 23, 2006 - Haw haw... I still remember the password after three years.

January 25, 2008 - Wow... another year passed before I tried to access this account again. I tried to make a new website on Freewebs, but you are only afforded a limited number of pages you can create. So fuck that.

The new website is now hosted on Yahoo!/GeoCities. It now also has a guide for new players(I've been slowly finding people here and there that will play)

January 24, 2010 - So, Yahoo!/GeoCities shutdown their webpages last year and now I have moved onto Google sites. Fun shit.

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