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          Here is a list of common message board terms

          250/175/130 = Was/Am/Wannabe = starting weight/current weight/goal weight
          BTW = By the way
          CUL8R = See you later
          CYA ( cya ) = See Ya
          CYA = Cover Your Arse (In addition to "See Ya Later")
          DB = Darling Brother, Dear Brother or whatever “D” word depending on mood
          DD = Darling Daughter, Dear Daugher or whatever “D” word depending on mood
          DH = Darling Husband, Dear Husband or whatever “D” word depending on mood
          DS = Darling Son, Dear Son or Darling Sister, Dear Sister or whatever “D” word depending on mood
          DS = Duodenal Switch
          DW = Darling Wife, Dear Wife or whatever “D” word depending on mood
          FAQ = Frequently asked questions.
          FWIW = For What It's Worth
          FYI = For your information.
          HTH = Hope this helps. or Hope that helps.
          IMHO ( imho ) = In My Honest Opinion, In My Humble Opinion
          IMO ( imo ) = In My Opinion
          IT = Information Technology.
          KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.
          LAP = Laparoscopic Procedure
          L8TR ( l8tr ) = Later ( Like see ya later )
          LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
          LOL ( lol ) = Laugh Out Loud
          MB = Message Board.
          NEWBEE ( newbee, newbie ) = New user of Internet and or computer.
          NICK ( nick ) = Name used by people ( Individual ) on the Internet.
          NSV = non scale victory (a change other than the scale…something suddenly fits, others notice your weight loss, etc.)
          OMG = Oh My God, Oh My Gosh
          OP = Original Poster
          OT = Off Topic, used on message boards when the post is not on the threads subject..
          PB = Productive Burp (quick vomit without the stomach acid since it is just the food in your pouch)
          PIC ( pic ) = Picture
          PPL ( ppl ) = People
          PS = Plastic Surgery
          RTFP = read the fine print
          RNY = Roux En Y (Gastric Bypass Surgery)
          ROFL ( rofl ) = Rolling On Floor Laughing
          ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my a** off
          SNAFU = situation normal, all fouled up
          SV = scale victory (when the numbers on the scale actually show a change)
          TT = Tummy Tuck
          TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
          TTYL = Talk to you later
          TYFS = Thank you for sharing
          URL ( url ) = Uniform Resource Locater, Internet address of a web page ( http://sitename )
          YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
          WTF ( wtf ) = What the Freak or your other favorite explicative
          WLS = Weight Loss Surgery
          ZZZZZZ ( zzzzz ) = Sleeping or Bored