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    Pokemon Advance Hideout

    Key or Legend

    • Towns Or Location –Red

    • Pokemon Name - Lime

    • Gym - Blue

    • Items - Yellow


     Little Root Town

    You start off in a tour truck you can't control yourself for a little while then you can. leave the truck then your mother will address you. she will introduce you to your house then will tell you to go and start your clock well go to your room which is right in front of you.

    When you go to your room set your clock. When you are finished your mother will come in and tell you something. Before you leave the room go into your PC and withdraw the Potion (Restores the HP of a Pokemon by 20 Points).

    When you leave the room your mother rushes you to come see the television because your father, the Petalburg Gym leader might be on the television. But you missed it. Your mother then tells you that Professor Birch is waiting for you in his house and go introduce your self.

    When you go in the house which is left next door, Professor Birch wife will ask you your name and then tell you that they have a daughter about the same age of you. Go see her in her room.

    That's the magic words "I was supposed to go help Dad catch some wild Pokemon. If you want you can go and read the email in your rival PC which explains something's about Pokemon.

    When done leave and head upwards to Route 101.





    Normal Walkthrough

    Side Quest (Legendaries)

    • The Three Regi's

    • Rayquaza

    • Latias And Latios

    • Jirachi And Proxys