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Pokemon Advance Hideout

Hidden Machine  (HM) List

HM Name Location
1. Cut Rustboro City, Cutters House on the right of the Pokemon Centre. Go inside this house and talk to the man your reward is the HM 01 (Cut).


2. Fly After you beat Team Magma/Aqua in the weather Institute, walk a little bit upwards then you will see your rival, when you beat her she will give you the TM 02 (Fly).


3. Surf Petalburg City, After you defeat Norman (Your father) head to Wally's house which is right next door to the Gym, when you enter the house talk to his father and he will give you the TM 03 (Surf).


4. Strength When you arrive in Verdanturf Town, you want to first heal your Pokemon, and then go into the cave at the top of the town. Battle the single trainer, and go all the way north. Smash the rock to talk to the person inside. He'll give you HM 04 (Strength).


5. Flash Dewford Town, Above Dewford town enter Granite Cave and talk to the man right in front of the entrance (you can't miss him) and he will give you the HM 05 (Flash)


6. Rock Smash Mauville City, Enter the house to the left of mart and talk to the scientist he will give you the HM 06 (Rock Smash). (Yeah they made it an HM)


7. Waterfall Cave Of Origins, when you are going to battle Groudon or Kyogre, make sure you use flash so that you can see the HM, when you are progressing through the cave, you will see it get the HM 07 Waterfall


8. Dive Mossdeep City, the most north-western house in that city, above the Pokemon Centre. when you enter talk to Steven and he will give you the best HM of all HM 08 (Dive)



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