The Childrens Game of Jacks

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"Jacks" is a game that has been played in cultures throught the
world. Many of us played as children and continued playing as
teens and adults. I have memories of playing on my grandmothers
floor with my aunts and cousins, all of us seeing who could get
to the highest level. Each Christmas or Thanksgiving we would
pick up where we remembered leaving off the year before. Such
memories to treasure and try to pass on to our young people today.
I tried to find a web site that had advanced level games of Jacks,
like "Pigs In The Pen" and "Around The World", but to my surprise,
there I couldn't find a single site with instructions for advanced
level. The sites I could find only discussed basic play.
I decided to try and list some rules and instructions to play some
of the games I remember playing as a child on our school play ground
at recess and some of those my aunts and grandmother played while
growing up. I hope you enjoy these and are able to master the
challenges. Good luck and have fun.

How to play Jacks

Other Sites For Rules

Basic Play RuleS
Nostalgic Site For Basic Play Rules
Masters Site For Basic Play Rules

Advanced Play Games

Pigs In The Pen
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