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Buying Gifts and Rites at Chargen 

Buying gifts above and beyond the free three at chargen is perfectly allowable as long as your PC is of the proper rank to get said gift. Any of the gifts found in Laws of the Wild is permissible, as long as it is within your tribe, breed, and auspice. All gifts from source books require ST permission before being added onto a persons sheet. The same is true of rites...if it is not in the main book, then it requires ST approval before being added to ones sheet. 

Restricted/Banned Merits and Flaws 

The following merits and flaws will not be permitted in Philadelphia Garou at this time. A R after a name means that it is restricted and thus will require ST permission for one to have it, a B after a name means that it is banned in Philadelphia Garou and will not be permitted under any circumstance. 

Metamorph (R), Wolf Years (R), Luck (R), True Love (R), Supernatural Companion (B), Resistant to Wyrm Emanations (B), Silver Tolerance (B), Taint of Corruption (R), True Faith (R) 


Cub: No benefits 

Cliath: You may choose to do Lethal damage with fists instead of bashing 

Fostern: You gain a retest on strength related feats 

Adren: You gain the bomb for tests of strength 

Athro: You may enact a simple test to test down aggravated damage taken.  

Elder: You win all ties of strength, unless the challenge involves another Garou of this rank or higher. 


Page 56, The Silver Fang Social retest is the final retest for the Silver Fang; their opponent may use any remaining retest they have. This retest may come after a Persuasion retest. 

Abilities, Backgrounds, and Influences 






Rage and Frenzy

Rage can only be used for physical actions. It can be regained in the following manner:

When in Frenzy, the following rules apply:


Initiative is determined by traits. Actions, no matter what type, will be done in order from highest to lowest totals using applicable traits. Traits used specifically for tests (ie Pure Breed, rituals, Persuasion) do not count in this total for initiative order. Spirit of the Fray adds to this total regardless of type of action.

Archery and Firearms: At the beginning of a combat, select whether you are using mentals or physicals. You may not switch off during any single combat.

Appropriate abilities may be used to cancel retests, such as Dodge for Brawl. Might can only be cancelled with might, Persuasion for Persuasion, Etc. 


After Character Gen. Exp. Stuff 

Players will gain 2 exp. per game attended.

Players will be able to gain a RP point awarded by a ST at end of game.

Players will be able to gain RP point if nominated by two other players to gain a point.

Players will be able to earn up to 3 exp. per month based on end of game reports and/or downtime scenes run and submitted to the storytellers. (ST discretion...not all actions/scenes will gain exp.) 



Players wishing to purchase merits after character generation will need to provide the ST team with a written reason for the purchase. The reason will then be reviewed by the ST team. 


You must have the represented backgrounds on your sheet to claim kinfolk. In addition, those wishing to play Kinfolk need to be aware we will not run Oops, Im really a Garou stories. Those people who wish to play kinfolk first changers will need to do so within the first three games of the PC. 

Rollover XP 

As per OwbN Bylaws, a max of 30 may be applied. The Philadelphia Garou ST team does NOT allow banking of XP from one character to another. XP will only be transferred in the case of an in game death. Suicide runs will not be accepted for rollover XP. 


Rare and Unusual 

In order to even think about playing a rare character, you must be an active player in our game for six months. Once that is the case, a player petitioning for an R&U character must submit a sheet and background to the ST team, who will review it, and decide whether they will support it to council or not. Please note - we will NOT support the following: Rokea, Gurahl, Abominations, Hengeyoki, Nagah, Bastet, Mokele inappropriate to the region. 

XP Cards 

XP cards MUST be turned in to your folder in order to receive the XP.  

Garou Lore 

All Cliaths will automatically by given Garou Lore 1. This counts as a free ability. 


These are by the book. That means, you need the rituals score to learn them, and the learning times are 3 days (minor), 1 week (basic), 3 weeks (intermediate) and 5 weeks (advanced). 

Learning times 

Gifts: 1 week (Basic), 2 week (Intermediate), 4 week (Advanced) 

Attributes: 1 per week per category (IE, 6 total every two weeks..2 of each)

Abilities: to get the first 2 dots, one needs background support or a IC teacher for said ability. To gain a third trait it takes the previous and a 2 week learn time. To gain the 4th and/or 5th level it takes background support/IC teacher and a 4 week learn time. (The learn time may be cut at ST discretion) 


The scores give you the following number of languages:  

One dot = 1 

Two dots = 2 

Three dots = 4 

Four dots = 8 

Five dots = 16