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Phantom Strangers Haunt

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.
A site for skins and meshes for Irrational Games Freedom Force Game
Site STILL under construction
A complete List of my skins and their locations

Links to the various Yahoo Groups now included as the group title above the listing
Those marked with an * (asterisk)come with the nif file for a hexed mesh.

Yahoo Group 1

Black Dalek
Blue Dalek
Red Dalek
White Dalek
Capt Atom (Charlton)
Capt Battle
Capt Battle Jnr*
CatMan /Kitten 2 pack
Cat Man
Cats Claw
Detective Zed
Diabolik (nimble)
Dr Diamond
Fantax (whip)
Felina (Green)
FV_Fairplay (Lady Fairplay skin)*
FV_Fairplay_no tiara (Spider Queen skin)*
Grim Reaper
Le Griffre Grise
Leiutenant Lightning
London (Pulp)*
Lone Warrior & Dicky P
Magic Men 3 pack (Ibis Marvelo &Zambini)
Man O War
Miracle Man 2 pack
Miss Victory
Miss Victory b
Mr America
Nebula Man
Nightmare & Sleepy
Phantom Lady 5 pack
PV_Suit_mask_tophat_epee * (Devils Dagger skin )
Rainbow Batman (2 versions)
Rocket Man & Rocket Girl 2 pack
Sargon the Sorceror *
Scarlet Avenger *
Speed Gale
Starman (Mexico)
Tara (Bikini Femforce)
Tara (Camouflage Femforce)
The Clock (2 versions)*
The Question
The Shade (AC Comics)
War Eagle
Zambini (revised skin)

Yahoo Group 2

Conglomerate (Deadeye,Elastiman, Element Man,Fiero ,Frostbite, Scarab,Slipstream)
Forever People (Beautiful Dreamer,Big Bear,Mark Moonrider*,Serafin*,Vykin,Infinity Man*)
Semic Universe (Bronze Gladiator ,Futura (2 pack),Homicron I ,Homicron IIa ,Homicron IIb,Jaleb ,Jayde,Jeff Sullivan ,Lys Noir ,Phenix,Sibbilla ,Starlock )
Capt Aksiyon
Demon Slayer Pirate
Iron Jaw
Jemm Son of Saturn
Jor el & Lara
Planet Of Vampires Astronauts
Targitt(Atlas )

Yahoo Group 3

Challengers of the Unknown(all four characters skinned in the Yelllow/Red costumes*)
Forgotten Heroes (Cave Carson*, Congo Bill/Congorilla*,Rex the Wonder Dog, Rip Hunter,Sea Devils )
Lone Ranger/Tonto
New Doom Patrol
Black Commando
Black Venus
Blue Bulleteer 2 pack
Buckaroo Betty
Der Fragesteller*
Dukse Drengen
Elongated Man (masked)
Jonah Hex
Natte Ravnen
She Cat
Stormy Tempest

Yahoo Group 4

Chris KL99
Firebrand II
Neptune Perkins*
Rima 2 pack
Space Ranger
The Whip*
Kid Eternity *
Mr Keeper
Lance O'Casey
Blue Tracer *
Lady Luck
G2 (2 versions)
Magno(2 versions )
Red Torpedo
The Whistler
Midnight/Mouthpiece/The Clock 3 pack
Just N Right
The Question(revised skin)
The Clock(revised skin of the full face mask variant)
Merlin the Magician *
Tor the Magic Master
Batman Jungle
Robin Jungle
Batman Italian
Robin Italian
Il Pipistrello
Judy of the Jungle
Princess Pantha
The Spider

Pictures here are ONLY a selection/sample of the more than ONE HUNDRED skins available in my various Yahoo Groups
Click on picture for larger image.(Some of the pictures look a little squashed/distorted in thumbnail form it's just because of the way I have made the pictures they look more "Realistic" if you click them to full size )
Semic Comics Universe/Hexagon Group Universe

AC Comics (Femforce)

European Heroes

Golden Age American heroes (Various Comic Book Companies)

DC Comics

The Forever People/New Gods

The New Doom Patrol

The Forgotten Heroes

Space Heroes

All Star Squadron


Phantom Lady

Quality Comics

Preview / New Release Pictures

Preview pics of a third of the French superhero team Hexagon Dark Flyer and Lys Noir(a different Lys Noir to the one I previously released that is pictured in the Semic section above)

Other pics of GA_Star Sapphire,Lord of Time now availble from these links
Links now added to the top of each listing of skins by Group.
Even More Quality skins in the pipeline

All characters are copyright of their respective owners and the use of these characters is merely my humble attempt to pay homage to their creators and to raise public awareness of their existence and histories.

My Favorite Web Sites

Official message boards and downloads
Freedom Reborn disussion board
KennnX's site for hexed meshes and skins
Alex's Freedom Force site full of skins meshes, goodies, so much good stuff
Skindex another great skins site
Irrational Games site
My First group for files
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Phantom Stranger (Comic book character) FAQ's
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Gryphons skins pages for great art work and possibly the best Base skins about