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One-Nil Play by Mail Football

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NEWSFLASH: 1st April 2005. We will be starting the first division week commencing 18th April. If you haven't entered yet, make sure you do soon!!!60 prize for the winner of each league! 20 for 2nd place finishes and 30 for a cup winner!, Click the logo to go to the free soccer only search engine.

Hello, and welcome to the brand new One-Nil Play by Mail Football Homepage.

One-Nil Football is a football management game which allows you to manage any one of 30 Major European Clubs. Once appointed as manager it will be your decisions which determine your team's fate. You will be responsible for team selection, tactics and training as well as the buying and selling of players.

The most exciting aspects of the game is that you will be competing against other soccer fans with whom you will be able to negotiate transfers, arrange friendlies etc, and also that the game is based on a three tiered super league system, where there are 10 teams in each league. This means that you are always in with a chance of promotion or relegation, the season is never dead.

One-Nil Football can be played ONLINE OR by POST (Play-by-Mail).





Frequently Asked Questions

Are results based on real life games?

No. Although the game uses team names and real players the results are never related to the teams performance in real life Your team's results are solely based on your own managerial skills

Can I add players to my squad?

Yes, of course. There are several methods, the most obvious being buying and selling players to and from other teams in the game, PLUS you can make a request for a player to be included in the game, and he will be offered to you for his value. If you don't take us up on the offer, he will be shown on the next transfer window. However, when he is placed in the transfer window, he can be bought by other clubs; you are no longer guaranteed him.

If I live outside the UK, can I join?

Yes, however, it must be noted that you have to play by e-mail, and also, the only accepted method of payment is Paypal.

Is there an age limit on playing?

No, players can play from any age

Are my contact details made available to other players?

Your phone number or e-mail address are only made available if you request them to be. Your postal address is NEVER given out. Members of the game can still make transfers without ever giving out any details. This is done via the transfer window system, and so long as both managers have filled in the same information on their forms, then the transfer will go through as normal

What is a turn?

The word 'turn' refers to the process of running the game (playing all the matches), printing the Club Reports (which includes match reports, results, tables, stats, transfer activity etc) and posting the report to everyone in the game. There is one turn every 7 days.

How long is a season?

There are 10 teams in each division, who play each other twice. This means that you play a total of 18 league fixtures during the season, one in each turn. There is also a cup competition each season. This is also included in the price of a turn, and 2 friendlies per team per season are also free. As there is one turn every 7 days the season will last approximately 18 weeks.

How can I pay?

The easiest way of paying is via Paypal, the online money transfer system. All you need to sign up for that is an e-mail address, and a credit/debit card. The other accepted methods are postal orders, cash, and if you are paying for a season ticket, we also accept cheques

How much is it to play?

The prices are as follows, there are discounts for buying turns in groups of 4, 9 (half season) or 18 (whole season)

I want to play, how do I join?

Just click here to ENTER




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