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Welcome to Parallel Games!!!: We Sell All types of TCG and CCG Cards and Accessories!








Trading Rules


     Hello and Welcome to the Parallel Games website. We are just getting started and hope to have a great website up for everyone to see, enjoy, and learn from. The Store has been open for a few days and I've been a bit busy with other fun things which I will be adding a link to in the near future... We need to move all the cards we have as quickly as possible...We are looking to buy a CASE of Yu-Gi-Oh if we can just sell most if not all of the cards we currently place orders today and we will give you all special discounts on Boosters, Singles, and Boxes!!!

     Right now we are only trading as we don't have a lot of $$ to get boxes, etc. However...feel free to buy off our singles list...which is being constantly updated.  Special Thanks to Alex for creating our great banner!

     Registration for Tournaments has become. Check it out if your interested!

Updates for: July 7th, 2003

Added More MTG Cards!