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Order of the Worldstone

Hello, welcome to the new main page.

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9 September 2003
The Order is being re-formed as Clan Reziarfg. Other than that all activities will proceed as normal. Our new site (a work in progress) is here

9 September 2003
We are recruiting with renewed fervor. All members are encouraged to recruit, but remember, recruits must be legit and meet the Rules. We are considering moving our site to, and will if we grow considerably in size.

8 September 2003
Registration for the order has been completely restructured. If you'd like to join click the Join link. Then you can submit an application via the forums.

28 August 2003
Guides section added. Our first two guides are a guide to playing Diablo II 1.07 Single Player for better items to import to 1.09/1.10, and a Beginner's Guide to Starcraft. If anyone has a guide they would like to contribute, please email it to the address at the bottom of this page.

25 August 2003
Site aesthetically improved. Members and Tournaments pages added. Added graphical icons to rules page.

25 August 2003
Completely new main page. Frames added as well.

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