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"The Lords of the Valar are seven...The names of the Lords of the Valar in due order are: Manwë, Ulmo, Aulë, Oromë, Mandos, Lorien, and Tulkas...but Manwe is dearest to Iluvatar and understands most clearly his purposes. He was appointed to be, in the fullness of time, the first of all kings: Lord of the realm of Arda and ruler of all that dwell within...With Manwe dwells Varda, Lady of the Stars, who knows all the regions of Eä. Too great is her beauty to be described in the words of Men or Elves, for the light of Iluvatar lives still in her face. In light is her power and joy...Their halls are above the everlasting snow, upon Oiolossë, the uttermost tower of Taniquetil, tallest of all the mountains upon Earth. When Manwë there ascends his throne and looks forth, if Varda is beside him, he sees further, through mist, and through darkness, and over the leagues of the sea. And if Manwë is with her, Varda hears more clearly than all other ears the sound of voices that cry from east to west, from the hills and the valleys, and from all the dark places that Melkor has created upon Earth."

A portion of the section describing Manwë, The Silmarillion, J. R. R. Tolkien.