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Animal Crossing Catalog for Ronaldo in Seaville
Fuits - Apples, Cherries, Coconuts, Oranges, Peaches and Pears.

1. Furniture
2. Wallpaper
3. Carpet
4. Clothing
5. Items
6. Stationery
7. Gyroids
8. Fossils
9. Music
* = item is not for sale (cannot be traded)

1. FURNITURE (256 total)

blue bed
blue bench
blue bookcase
blue bureau
blue cabinet
blue chair
blue dresser
blue wardrobe
cabana bookcase
cabana lamp
cabana screen
cabana vanity
cabana wardrobe
cabin armchair
cabin clock
cabin table
classic cabinet
classic chair
classic sofa
classic table
exotic chest
exotic end table
exotic screen
exotic wardrobe
green bed
green counter
green desk
green lamp
green pantry
kiddie bookcase
kiddie bureau
kiddie clock
kiddie couch
kiddie table
lovely armchair
lovely bed
lovely chair
lovely dresser
lovely end table
lovely lamp
lovely table
lovely vanity
modern cabinet
modern chair
modern desk
modern dresser
modern end table
modern lamp
modern sofa
modern table
ranch bed
ranch bookcase
ranch couch
ranch table
ranch tea table
ranch wardrobe
regal cupboard
regal lamp
regal vanity
Jingle dresser*
bird bath
bug zapper
Mr. Flamingo
Mrs. Flamingo
tiki torch
boxing barricade
judge's bell
neutral corner
ringside table
black pawn
white knight
cement mixer
detour arrow
detour sign
flagman sign
green drum
haz-mat barrel
iron frame
jersey barrier
men at work sign
oil drum
orange cone
saw horse
speed sign
wet roadway sign
garden pond
tall lantern
garden stone
leaning stone
standing stone
chalk board
cubby hole
school desk
folding chair
lefty desk
righty desk
teacher's desk
vaulting horse
lunar lander
lunar rover
space station
Spaceman Sam
cow skull
desert cactus
wagon wheel
watering trough
western fence
apple TV
Papa bear
mugho bonsai
pine bonsai
round cactus
tall cactus
grapefruit table
daffodil table
iris chair
iris table
tulip chair
conga drum
djimbe drum
Naomi figurine
Yoko figurine
Yuki figurine
country guitar
rock guitar
Mario trophy
melon chair
watermelon chair
G logo
N logo
office locker
pear dresser
pine chair
pine table
raven pole
red vase
tea vase
coffee machine
soda machine
writing chair
barber's pole
bus stop
garbage can
trash bin
glass-top table
orange box
pineapple bed
potbelly stove
rocking chair
sewing machine
space heater
biwa lute
table tennis
slot machine
elephant slide
retro TV
wide-screen TV
big festive tree
ebony piano
blue golf bag
white golf bag
cream sofa
gold econo-chair
jade econo-chair
ruby econo-chair
antique clock
cube clock
glow clock
kitschy clock
odd clock
owl clock
azalea bonsai
hawthorn bonsai
holly bonsai
jasmine bonsai
maple bonsai
quince bonsai
coconut palm
fan palm
lady palm
rubber tree
tape deck
red boom box
white boom box
CD player
retro stereo
gold stereo
dice stereo
classic painting
fine painting
perfect painting
rare painting
strange painting
worthy painting
amazing painting
famous painting
snowcone machine*
treasure chest*
wave breaker*
Arc De Triomphe*
Chinese lion*
Moai statue*
bottled ship*
Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Wario's Woods*
dirt model
track model
train car model
blue diary
blue polka pad
calligraphy pad
captain's log
college rule
french notebook
green plaid pad
pink plaid pad
school pad

2. WALLPAPER (35 total)

classic wall
parlor wall
blue-trim wall
plaster wall
lovely wall
exotic wall
mortar wall*
gold screen wall
tea room wall
cabin wall
green wall
regal wall
ranch wall
backyard fence
plaza wall
ornate wall
modern screen
kitchen wall
old brick wall
stately wall
imperial wall
manor wall
mod wall
rose wall
concrete wall
sandlot wall*
arched window
kiddie wall
shanty wall
library wall
floral wall
tropical vista*
playroom wall
kitschy wall
groovy wall

3. CARPET (36 total)

plush carpet
classic carpet
checkered tile
old flooring
birch flooring
lovely carpet
exotic rug
18 mat tatami
8 mat tatami
citrus carpet
cabin rug
green rug
blue flooring
regal carpet
ranch flooring
modern tile
cabana flooring
backyard lawn
ornate rug
tatami floor
bamboo flooring
charcoal tile
stone tile
imperial tile
opulent rug
slate flooring
ceramic tile
fancy carpet
exquisite rug
parquet floor
kiddie carpet
shanty mat
palace tile
playroom rug
kitschy tile
diner tile

4. CLOTHING (91 total)

paw shirt
wavy pink shirt
future shirt
bold check shirt
mint gingham
bad plaid shirt
rugby shirt
sherbet gingham
gelato shirt
work uniform*
red aloha shirt*
blue aloha shirt*
lite polka shirt
grape shirt*
fall plaid shirt
botanical shirt
Anju's shirt
orange tie-tie
purple tie-dye
one-ball shirt
two-ball shirt
three-ball shirt
five-ball shirt
six-ball shirt
eight-ball shirt
nine-ball shirt
jungle camo
desert camo
racer shirt
racer 6 shirt
fish bone shirt
spiderweb shirt
zipper shirt
yellow bolero
nebula shirt
ski sweater
circus shirt
patchwork top
rickrack shirt
U R here shirt
yodel shirt
prism shirt
star shirt
noodle shirt
fortune shirt
go-go shirt
jade check print
blue check print
floral knit
rose shirt
chain-gang shirt
MVP shirt
pop bloom shirt
painter's smock
static shirt
blue check shirt
diamond shirt
big bro's shirt
yellow bar shirt
polar fleece
vertigo shirt
misty shirt
stormy shirt
red scale shirt
club shirt
caveman tunic
tiki shirt
A shirt
checkered shirt
No.2 shirt
No.4 shirt
No.5 shirt
No. 23 shirt
No. 67 shirt
houndstooth tee
big star shirt
jagged shirt
cherry shirt
barber shirt
concierge shirt
fresh shirt
far-out shirt
green ring shirt
snappy print
chichi print
checkerboard tee
subdued print
danger shirt
big dot shirt
puzzling shirt
thunder shirt

5. ITEMS (26 total)

gelato umbrella
berry umbrella
mod umbrella
petal parasol
ribbon parasol
gingham parasol
lacy parasol
elegant umbrella
dainty parasol
Nintendo parasol
sunny parasol
leaf umbrella
polka parasol
twig parasol
noodle parasol
hypno parasol
pastel parasol
retro umbrella
flame umbrella
yellow pinwheel
blue balloon
golden shovel*
fishing rod

6. STATIONERY (51 total)

airmail paper
sparkly paper
bamboo paper
orange paper
essay paper
panda paper
steel paper
blossom paper
cloudy paper
petal paper
rainy day paper
watermelon paper
daisy paper
bluebell paper
maple leaf paper
woodcut paper
octopus paper
festive paper*
skyline paper
museum paper
stageshow paper
spooky paper
noodle paper
horsetail paper
felt paper
elegant paper
lacy paper
polka-dot paper
dizzy paper
rainbow paoer
hot neon paper
cool neon paper
fantasy paper
woodland paper
gingko paper
fireworks paper
winter paper
Gyroid paper
ivy paper
wing paper*
dragon paper
tile paper
misty paper
simple paper
honeybee paper
mystic paper
sunset paper
lattice paper
dainty paper
butterfly paper

(none of the following items can be traded)

7. GYROIDS (17 total)

mega squelchoid
mini rustoid
mini buzzoid
mega oboid
tall clankoid
mega dinkoid
mini tootoid
mega tootoid
tall puffoid
mini sproid
mega oombloid
mega sputnoid
slim quazoid

8. FOSSILS (22 total)

tricera skull
tricera torso
tricera tail
T-rex skull
T-rex torso
T-rex tail
apato skull
apato torso
apato tail
stego skull
stego torso
ptera skull
ptera right wing
plesio neck
plesio torso
mammoth skull
mammoth torso
dinosaur track
dinosaur egg

9. MUSIC (5 total)

K.K. Safari
K.K. Rock
K.K. Love Song
Two Days Ago