[10:07PM] <Bushwick> where u get that pic from?

[10:07PM] <Bushwick> FUCK

[10:07PM] <Bushwick> how did u find that link?

[10:07PM] <Bushwick> answer me?

[10:07PM] <isodude24> lol

[10:07PM] <isodude24> secret

[10:07PM] <isodude24> lol

[10:07PM] <isodude24> fine

[10:08PM] <isodude24> me and Diffuse teamed up

[10:08PM] <isodude24> and we tested our trytohackit.com skills

[10:08PM] <Bushwick> ...

[10:08PM] <Bushwick> wtf

[10:08PM] <isodude24> on digitalenvy.com

[10:08PM] <Bushwick> why u posted that pic on the channel for?

[10:08PM] <isodude24> erm.. cuz i tought it wasnt u

[10:08PM] <isodude24> it was sarcasm..

[10:08PM] <Bushwick> ....

[10:09PM] <Bushwick> i should get u a scene ban for that

[10:09PM] <isodude24> i tought it wasnt u cuz of this page " http://www.digitalenvy.net/fear/911.html "

[10:09PM] <isodude24> theirs like 30 IRC usernames

[10:09PM] <isodude24> and Bushwick isnt listed

[10:10PM] <isodude24> so i tought digital envy was just a free Statistics hosting website..

[10:10PM] <Bushwick> ....

[10:11PM] <Bushwick> http://www.digitalenvy.net/webstat/usage_200308.html

[10:11PM] <Bushwick> it got my name written all over it...

[10:11PM] <Bushwick> if u see that, why would u post the pic?

[10:14PM] <isodude24> i dint see anything

[10:15PM] <Bushwick> ?

[10:15PM] <Bushwick> u posted my pi

[10:15PM] <Bushwick> pic

[10:15PM] <Bushwick> what u mean u didnt see anything?

[10:17PM] <Bushwick> FUCK man

[10:17PM] <Bushwick> i cant remember my password to the site

[10:19PM] <Bushwick> SHIT man

[10:19PM] <Bushwick> wtf

[10:20PM] <isodude24> I AM SORRY

[10:20PM] <Bushwick> what am i suppose to do now?

[10:21PM] <isodude24> okay

[10:21PM] <isodude24> first of all

[10:21PM] <isodude24> create a index file

[10:21PM] <isodude24> and make it front page

[10:22PM] <isodude24> and Digitalenvy.net

[10:23PM] <Bushwick> thats the thing

[10:23PM] <Bushwick> i dont got axx to digitalenvy anymore

[10:23PM] <Bushwick> i gotta contact customer service

[10:26PM] <isodude24> shit

[10:26PM] <isodude24> this is bad

[10:26PM] <isodude24> !!!

[10:26PM] <isodude24> plz tell me its a joke

[10:27PM] <isodude24> Mikko "Ave" Auvinen cant be ur name

[10:27PM] <isodude24> i think

[10:28PM] <Bushwick> ....

[10:28PM] <Bushwick> where is that info at?

[10:28PM] <Bushwick> wtf man

[10:30PM] <Bushwick> ..

[10:30PM] <Bushwick> i think its time i leave ngc-iso

[10:33PM] <isodude24> X_X

[10:34PM] <isodude24> shit...

[10:34PM] <isodude24> diffuse figured that out

[10:34PM] <isodude24> and he pasted the url in the channel

[10:34PM] <Bushwick> i'm not gonna stick around if my identity is out in the open

[10:34PM] <isodude24> so i checked

[10:34PM] <isodude24> and i saw everything

[10:34PM] <isodude24> i know...

[10:34PM] <Bushwick> if diffuse could find it, imaging the fbi..

[10:35PM] <Bushwick> well i guess tomorrow, i'll leave

[10:35PM] <isodude24> well

[10:35PM] <isodude24> he found the pic of ur GF

[10:35PM] <isodude24> i found ur pick

[10:35PM] <isodude24> straight after

[10:36PM] <Bushwick> ....

[10:36PM] <isodude24> look man

[10:37PM] <isodude24> it was a script kid trick

[10:37PM] <isodude24> everyone couldve done that

[10:37PM] <Bushwick> which is why i'm leaving

[10:37PM] <isodude24> when Diffuse wanted to see what was Digital ency he typed it

[10:37PM] <isodude24> in his browser

[10:37PM] <isodude24> the normal URL

[10:37PM] <isodude24> and then ur parent directory was their

[10:38PM] <isodude24> mhhh no dont leave i we could try to move on after-all

[10:38PM] <Bushwick> yeah right

[10:38PM] <Bushwick> so fbi's could be at my house

[10:46PM] <isodude24> no

[10:46PM] <isodude24> anyways

[10:46PM] <isodude24> look

[10:46PM] <isodude24> looking at those pictures

[10:46PM] <isodude24> i cant tell if ur the chiness chick or the NY guy

[10:47PM] <Bushwick> ?

[10:48PM] <isodude24> yea..

[10:48PM] <isodude24> theirs pics of a guy

[10:48PM] <isodude24> and pics of a chiness girl

[10:48PM] <isodude24> i dunno wich one u are

[10:48PM] <Bushwick> wtf

[10:48PM] <Bushwick> u seen all of them?

[10:48PM] <Bushwick> whats the html code to redirect a page?

[10:48PM] <Bushwick> i'm gonna try to put that on the site

[10:50PM] <isodude24> erm

[10:50PM] <isodude24> i dont know

[10:50PM] <isodude24> i always used redirectors :S

[10:51PM] <isodude24> ahh

[10:51PM] <isodude24> i am all stressed up

[10:51PM] <Bushwick> ?

[10:51PM] <Bushwick> why

[10:51PM] <Bushwick> i'm the one stressed

[10:52PM] <isodude24> cuz

[10:52PM] <isodude24> i feel bad

[10:52PM] <Bushwick> why

[10:52PM] <Bushwick> u should be happy i'm leaving

[10:52PM] <isodude24> no i am not!

[10:52PM] <isodude24> i dont want u to leave!

[10:53PM] <isodude24> thats why i am stressed i feel responsibl

[10:53PM] <isodude24> responsible

[10:53PM] <Bushwick> ah cool

[10:53PM] <Bushwick> at least u admit u want me here

[10:53PM] <Bushwick> kk i'll stop messing with u then

[10:53PM] <isodude24> fuck i hope ur joking

[10:53PM] <Bushwick> joking?

[10:53PM] <isodude24> i OPED U long time ago

[10:54PM] <isodude24> if i dint want u i woulndt have oped u at all

[10:54PM] <Bushwick> well u probably wanted me op back then

[10:54PM] <isodude24> in #rct-react0r i just dont op u cuz u op everyone else after

[10:54PM] <Bushwick> but now, i know u regret giving me op

[10:54PM] <isodude24> <Bushwick> but now, i know u regret giving me op

[10:54PM] <isodude24> loool no

[10:54PM] <isodude24> why would i?

[10:54PM] <Bushwick> dont know

[10:54PM] <Bushwick> cuz i gotten more famous than u

[10:54PM] <isodude24> no

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> ppl like me more

[10:55PM] <isodude24> i am not greedy!

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> i got more hookups

[10:55PM] <isodude24> u made that story up urself

[10:55PM] <isodude24> i dont care damn

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> but u still seem to be a egoist..

[10:55PM] <isodude24> i seem

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> made what story up?

[10:55PM] <isodude24> but ask for Pepse and all the other dumps

[10:55PM] <isodude24> i never downloaded a single file

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> so

[10:55PM] <isodude24> u made up the thing that i was greedy

[10:55PM] <isodude24> ive never been

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> but u only upload your release

[10:55PM] <isodude24> why?

[10:55PM] <Bushwick> why what?

[10:55PM] <isodude24> cuz i dont have site axx!

[10:56PM] <isodude24> and i wasnt their when the games where getting PRE on STL

[10:56PM] <Bushwick> even when u did..

[10:56PM] <isodude24> yes i suck at posting releases

[10:56PM] <isodude24> i know

[10:56PM] <isodude24> look at nforce

[10:56PM] <isodude24> damn

[10:56PM] <isodude24> i did a horrible job

[10:56PM] <Bushwick> so u really want me to stay?

[10:56PM] <isodude24> YES!

[10:57PM] <Bushwick> kk i'll stay

[10:57PM] <isodude24> if u wasnt their i wouldnt have ever been on a pre site!

[10:57PM] <Bushwick> since u still havnt figure out any correct info about me

[10:57PM] <isodude24> good

[10:57PM] <isodude24> lol i only found pics of a guy and a chick

[10:58PM] <isodude24> and Chiness porn pics

[10:58PM] <isodude24> thats all i saw

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> erm.. thats not my site

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> nor my name

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> and that "North7777741" msn account aint mines

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> i dont use msn

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> i use AIM

[10:58PM] <Bushwick> "NOMISRO" on aim

[10:59PM] <isodude24> u added me to ur MSN

[10:59PM] <isodude24> lol

[10:59PM] <isodude24> u just dont remeber

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> yeah, i needed a msn account

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> so i used a friends

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> but why u think i never get on it?

[10:59PM] <isodude24> dont worry i wont tell anyone about ur info

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> lol about my pics?

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> its cool

[10:59PM] <isodude24> no

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> tell all u want

[10:59PM] <isodude24> about ur video

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> jokes on u =P

[10:59PM] <isodude24> that ur jumping

[10:59PM] <isodude24> all hyped

[10:59PM] <isodude24> lol

[10:59PM] <Bushwick> eh?

[11:00PM] <isodude24> and u had my age

[11:00PM] <isodude24> on the video

[11:00PM] <isodude24> wtv il pretend i dint had the proof it was u

[11:00PM] <isodude24> cuz i dint see AT ALL starcube member usernames

[11:00PM] <isodude24> in ur IRC Statisic pages

[11:00PM] <isodude24> anyways il go sleep

[11:00PM] <isodude24> i dont know ur name

[11:00PM] <Bushwick> u dont even know starcube members

[11:01PM] <isodude24> but i know either the boy or girl is u

[11:01PM] <isodude24> yes i dont know em

[11:01PM] <isodude24> but i heard their names

[11:01PM] <isodude24> serveral times

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> u know me and diffuse trick u?

[11:01PM] <isodude24> in #ngc-admin

[11:01PM] <isodude24> no

[11:01PM] <isodude24> u and Diffuse dint

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:03PM] <Bushwick> hmm

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:04PM] <Bushwick> still doing research on nomisro?

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:04PM] <Diffuse> i found ur site..

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:04PM] <Diffuse> http://www.nomisro.tk/

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:04PM] <Diffuse> :p

[11:01PM] <Bushwick> [10:05PM] <Diffuse> LOL @ isodude

[11:02PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:02PM] <isodude24> diffuse just told me on MSN

[11:02PM] <isodude24> that he never said that

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:11PM] <Bushwick> if u see that, why would u post the pic?

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:14PM] <isodude24> i dint see anything

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:15PM] <Bushwick> ?

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:15PM] <Bushwick> u posted my pi

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:15PM] <Bushwick> pic

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:15PM] <Bushwick> what u mean u didnt see anything?

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> FUCK man

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> i cant remember my password to the site

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> sounds convincing?

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Diffuse> yeah enought.

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:17PM] <Bushwick> hehe ;D

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Diffuse> isobuddy gonna buy it

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Bushwick> i think he would

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Bushwick> if u didnt tell him anything..

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Diffuse> i wont

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Bushwick> i have a feeling u telling him its a joke

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Diffuse> dont worry

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> [10:18PM] <Diffuse> I like palying pranks on him'

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> jokes on u buddy

[11:02PM] <Bushwick> everything was set up

[11:03PM] <isodude24> what about the Starcube member usernames?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:39PM] <Bushwick> i'm gonna trick him right now

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:40PM] <Bushwick> u wanna play along?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Diffuse> ok

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> k

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Diffuse> whatcha gonna do?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> i'm gonna trick isodude into thinking he found out my name

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> address

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> and even a pic of me

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> just say "o.0"

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Diffuse> ok tell me what u whnt me to do..

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Diffuse> ok

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:41PM] <Bushwick> "http://www.digitalenvy.net/webcam/rince.jpg"

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:42PM] <Bushwick> then say "is that bushwick?"

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:42PM] <Diffuse> right now?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:42PM] <Diffuse> whant me to say that now?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:42PM] <Bushwick> yes

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> [9:43PM] <Diffuse> LOL it hoguth he was feaking cuz of the w000t

[11:03PM] <isodude24> what about the Starcube member usernames?

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> what about them?

[11:03PM] <isodude24> it dint seem fake

[11:03PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:03PM] <isodude24> it wont work

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> it is..

[11:03PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:03PM] <isodude24> u wasnt mad

[11:03PM] <isodude24> when Diffuse placed the link

[11:03PM] <Bushwick> i know i wasnt =P

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> cuz its all fake

[11:04PM] <isodude24>   0.14% http://www.nomisro.tk

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 21 31 0.11% http://www.digitalenvy.net/me.html

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 22 24 0.09% http://forum.gamer.nl/showthread.php

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 23 19 0.07% http://www.realitygaming.net/forum/index.php

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 24 16 0.06%

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 25 16 0.06% http://www.freewebs.com/mystarrianrag/index.htm

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 26 14 0.05% http://nomisro.tk

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 27 12 0.04% http://www.digitalenvy.net

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 28 9 0.03% http://www.nomisro.tk/prin

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 29 8 0.03% http://forum.gamers.nl/showthread.php

[11:04PM] <isodude24> 30 8 0.03% http://www.digitalenvy.net/webstat/usage_200308.html

[11:04PM] <isodude24> these stats aint fake

[11:04PM] <isodude24> il go sleep

[11:04PM] <isodude24> bye

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> stats aint fake

[11:04PM] <isodude24> try to convience me

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> but the whole story is

[11:04PM] <isodude24> wont work

[11:04PM] <isodude24> i know that pic was u

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> fine

[11:04PM] <isodude24> and that video too

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> just dont tell nobody

[11:04PM] <isodude24> kk

[11:04PM] <Bushwick> or patse the link anywhere

[11:05PM] <Bushwick> EVER

[11:05PM] <isodude24> yes

[11:05PM] <isodude24> but i might PM sum Starcube ppl

[11:05PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:05PM] <Bushwick> ...

[11:05PM] <isodude24> jk

[11:05PM] <Bushwick> but u didnt get their names from me.

[11:05PM] <isodude24> i wont

[11:05PM] <isodude24> kkk

[11:05PM] <isodude24> but why the fuck was sum starcube members doing in ur personnal life channels?

[11:06PM] <Bushwick> cuz Mooncube/Starcube/Nomis is all together?

[11:06PM] <isodude24> loooool

[11:06PM] <isodude24> thats not working on me

[11:06PM] <isodude24> u aint Starcube

[11:06PM] <isodude24> or mooncube

[11:06PM] <Bushwick> i know i'm not..


[11:07PM] <Bushwick> no shit

[11:07PM] <Bushwick> and they also let me put whatever in their nfo

[11:07PM] <Bushwick> what does that tell u

[11:07PM] <Bushwick> and half the nomis releases aint mines

[11:07PM] <isodude24> so u say u know em in real life?

[11:07PM] <Bushwick> no

[11:07PM] <Bushwick> some..

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> well few

[11:08PM] <isodude24> ahh k

[11:08PM] <isodude24> cuz i was wondering

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> boy u too easy to trick

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> its all fake

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> damnit

[11:08PM] <isodude24> no i am not

[11:08PM] <isodude24> THEIRS REAL S3 MEMBERS!

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> on really?

[11:08PM] <isodude24> YES!

[11:08PM] <isodude24> fux i am 99% sure

[11:08PM] <Bushwick> damn u are gulliable

[11:08PM] <isodude24> that one of those names

[11:09PM] <isodude24> are from starcube

[11:09PM] <isodude24> and no it wont work

[11:09PM] <isodude24> i know its real

[11:09PM] <isodude24> i wont tell

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> go PM every single one of them

[11:09PM] <isodude24> so dont worry

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> lol

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> its all fake

[11:09PM] <isodude24> ur too much a good friend

[11:09PM] <isodude24> its not damnit

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> i'm warning u..

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> it is

[11:09PM] <isodude24> g2g bye

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> cya

[11:09PM] <isodude24> lol its not theirs real logs

[11:09PM] <Bushwick> where?

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 12 @Pheonix   268 "there was a second release on the new"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 13 +Imaginary_num6er|AFKish   232 "from 12 A.M to 12 P.M. it is Gyuunyu's time, while Dread is from 12 P.M. ..."  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 14 +eye2   202 "hey syn...ninetails card = win :P"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 15 +Blunty   201 "omg it was a decepticon guild!!!"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 16 +Heithwen   157 "like selänne is written in english selaenne"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 17 +Mariko   147 "Why do you want to hurt everyone Dread? :("  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 18 +nataku17   130 "well it should but im sure it doesnt"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 19 +Fizz   130 "needs sleep before family wakes up"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 20 +yokel   116 "so but it semi works?"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 21 @Nimion   98 "Tran, I think we managed to piss off what was left TT enough to make ..."  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 22 +Ryu-Sama   97 "slap slap slap slap slapadee slap"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 23 Redefine   92 "so you stay visable longer and get owned?"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 24 mu   85 "dread the server still has the same IP as before?"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 25 +Illusen   82 "because i have no life outside the internet"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 26 +Strato   45 "like when mecca crashes the server"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 27 +wau   40 "TT went that elitist that they made a private channel?"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 28 +john9x   38 "why do you have ulcers"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> 29 +HardTraxX   38 "he has been playin since the 1st couple days"  

[11:10PM] <isodude24> anyways

[11:10PM] <isodude24> il go sleep

[11:10PM] <isodude24> in that list i dont see starcube ppl

[11:10PM] <Bushwick> why u pasted that for?

[11:10PM] <isodude24> but on the other i do

[11:10PM] <isodude24> dunno

[11:10PM] <isodude24> on the #gr list

[11:10PM] <Bushwick> if u say so

[11:11PM] <isodude24> i see Starcube names

[11:11PM] <isodude24> i know it

[11:11PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:11PM] <Bushwick> #gr = gamecuberelease

[11:11PM] <isodude24> kk

[11:11PM] <Bushwick> yes i just made that up

[11:12PM] <isodude24> no

[11:12PM] <isodude24> boy

[11:12PM] <isodude24> u cant make logs

[11:12PM] <isodude24> like that

[11:12PM] <isodude24> in 30 sec

[11:12PM] <Bushwick> lol

[11:12PM] <isodude24> anyways u lucky i dont know what IRC network its on

[11:12PM] <Bushwick> i'm an expert scammer

[11:12PM] <Bushwick> linknet....

[11:13PM] <isodude24> yes i am so much sure

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> all groups in linknet and efnet

[11:13PM] <isodude24> lol liar

[11:13PM] <isodude24> theirs private servers

[11:13PM] <isodude24> for groups

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> i'm using reverse psychology on u

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> during the whole time

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> your head is all confuse

[11:13PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:13PM] <isodude24> it dint work this time

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> yes it did

[11:13PM] <Bushwick> trust me

[11:14PM] <isodude24> i am good at psycology

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> it work very well

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> u dotn seem like it

[11:14PM] <isodude24> lol

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> watch diffuse laugh his ass off when he read this

[11:14PM] <isodude24> yeah yeah

[11:14PM] <isodude24> i know its real

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> if u say so


[11:14PM] <isodude24> the end!

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> lol

[11:14PM] <isodude24> i go sleep now

[11:14PM] <Bushwick> fine

[11:14PM] <isodude24> midnight

[11:14PM] <isodude24> btw

[11:15PM] <isodude24> i do the same thing as u

[11:15PM] <isodude24> when sum ppl find out my real identity

[11:15PM] <isodude24> and it works well

[11:15PM] <isodude24> so u cant have me at it

[11:15PM] <isodude24> ;)

[11:15PM] <Bushwick> lol

[11:15PM] <isodude24> i know its real

[11:15PM] <Bushwick> i know

[11:15PM] <Bushwick> i suggest u go to diffuse house

[11:16PM] <Bushwick> and read his logs

[11:16PM] <Bushwick> u will feel really stupid