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Hi,I made this site because I wanted to tell why neopets is better than zetapets.Since I been on neopets for 2 years , I think neopets is the best pet site.Last month some said that zetapets copied neopets.Is neopets better than zetapets?I will tell you.

neopets file

Over 70,000,000 people signed up on neopets.Those people include me and my brother.Neopets stared out in 1999,ang I signed up in neopets in the year 2002 in march.Over 40 pets this site is cool,neo has heaps of flash games.polls,petpets and paintbrushes.Pets can be different colours.

One dumb person in zetapets said neopets never change.YES, they can with the help of a paintbrush.Now neopets can be babies.


The games on neopets are great!Theres meerca chase (like snake) and bumper cars (name says it all).You can get neopoints from them.

Neopets have avatars,little pic at the side of your messege well your chatting at the boards.So theres 70,000,000 people on neo, that means there's more n00bs.Neopets have neofriends.neomail,guilds and more go to

zetapets file

The zetapets team can't make very good sites so they think they can copy from NEOPETS THE GREATEST PET SITE IN THE WORLD.Zetapets copied neopets.A site that started in 2002 ,40,000 people signed up in zetapets.To tell you the truth people from neopets, signed up on zetapets so they can see how dumb it is.The bunny zetapet looks like a cybnny.(copy cats).Zeta go avatars too.(oh no)Thay got dpals,and zetapets turn into adults.Zetapets can be in different colours too.Now you know zetapets copied neopets.

Cybunnies (left) and rahs (right).
They look kinda the same.

Now which site is better?Neopets stared in 1999,and Zetapets 2002.Zetapets copied neopets,that means neopets is better than zetapets.