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Guild Nemesiss

Guild Nemesiss


In order to join Guild Nemesis The first thing you must do is play with a member in good standing for at least 3 hours real life time, then that member must sponsor you. upon your sponsorship you may be invited into the guild on a trial basis as a recruit. the trial period last for 30 days. At the end of your 30 day trial the guild council will vote you in or out. If the council vote's you in you will have earned the rank of Member. And take an oath of allegiance to the guild.


Any member of the guild may sponsor a new member as long as they are in good standing. to sponsor a new member you must play with them for at least 3 hours real time.


Guild official meetings will take place once a week on Saturday or Sunday. Unofficial meetings can be called at any time at the discretion of a council member. All promotions will be held at the weekly official meetings, and all the members of the counsel will give a report. during the meetings all members will have an opportunity to speak freely about there suggestions of how the guild is running and any comments concerns or suggestions will be taken into consideration.

meetings will take place at a predetermined location at the leaders discretion. during meetings the council will sit in a row with the highest to the lowest rank from left to right. the members will be opposite the council arranged in row's and columns, in rank order, and the recruits will be

                                                      -    xxxxxxxxxx  +
                                +        xx                                               xxx   -
                                          xx                                               xxx
                     recrutes         xx                                               xxx   officers
                                          xx                                               xxx
                                          xx                                               xxx
                                 -        xx                                               xxx   +
                                        +        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      -

"this i an example of the way a formation will be organized  the x's represent  were ppl will be seated ,  the + and - sighns represent  the rank order in wich they will be seated

Guild chat

there will be no spamming in the guild chat channel, and there will be no asking any one question more than 3 time's in a row unless more people enter the channel. there will be no swearing at other guild members... note I did not say you couldn't swear in guild chat.

Anonymous is not allowed unless it is required to travel through a zone safely or to evade the enemy

Lvl Requirements

there currently is no lvl requirements however there will be one soon all members in the guild prior to the lvl restriction will be exempt from it.


The guild bank will be hosted by Djmagic, who will dwell at the small bank in pok. and will be open after official meeting on the weekends, or upon request. and will also open randomly upon the leaders discretion. Everyone is encouraged to donate to the guild as it only helps out us. the bank will be closely monitored and inventoried.. all members may use the bank. any item that is checked out of the bank will be recorded and expected to be returned once the item is no longer needed. If you abuse the bank you will be made ineligible to use it in the future...


Guild Nemesis has a total of 2 rank structures. One for the council and one for the members. and there will be a few ways in witch you can get promoted from one rank to the next. Each rank will hold a point value. When you have reached the required number of points you may be promoted. or you may be promoted on acts that you have done in an exemplary manner and show great credibility on the guild. in such cases the guild leaders will discuss your promotion privately. all promotion ceremonies will be conducted at guild official meetings. recruits are not eligible to earn points until they become members.

things that you can receive points for and the amount of points awarded


Current lvl: You will receive 1 point per lvl for you next promotion just for your character lvl. for example if you are lvl 30 you will

receive 30 points. if you get promoted your 30 points for being lvl 30 can be used again for you next


Pk'ing: you will receive 2 points for each individual person you pk of Green status.

you will receive 7 points for each individual person you pk of Even status.

you will receive 12 points for each individual person you pk of Red status.

you may only pk the same person once a day

Donating: you will receive 3 per 100 pp you donate to the bank for example if you donate an item that is worth 500 pp

you will receive 15 points towards your next promotion

it is important that you ensure that the appropriate officer has been notified when you have earned points for pk'ing

The Pk officers are "Shibi", and "Ibihs" if neither of themb are online inform the Leader or 2nd in comand

Rank structure / point system

Member Points Oficer Points
Recruit ---- Oficer ----
Member ---- Senior officer 500
Senior Member 500 Vice Lord 1000
Vice Nemesiss 1000 Lord 2000
Nemesiss 1500 Dark Lord 4000
Nemesiss Killer 2000 Vice elder 8000
Nemesiss player Killer 3000 Elder 16000
Nemesiss supream player Killer 4000 Dark Elder 32000
Nemesiss Elite 5500 Supream Elder     (leader discretion only) ----
Nemesiss Elite Killer   (leader discretion only ----

this is an example of the rank structer and the amount of required points to earn each rank.

Council billets

There will be a total of 10 Council members, and each member of the council will be charged with certain duties. some apply to all council members and other apply to only certain council members pertaining to there billet.

Duties that will be bestowed on all Members of the Council.

1. each member will be required to vote on guild members from Recruit to officer.

2. Recruiting, each Member of the council will invite Recruits to begin there trial period.

3. Each Council member should have a good knowledge of the guild policies rules and procedures, and should be able to answer any questions about the guild within

reason. Members are encouraged to know them as well.

4. To be online.. and at the meeting's if you can not make it to a meeting for one reason or another it can be discussed on a case by case basis.



The leader is played by Lustfull, alt Ventin. The guild leader is able to do anything to the guild for the guild about the guild u name it, the guild leader will run the guild bank, with alt "DjMagic" The guild leader is responsible for keeping the guild running smoothly and organizing the guild, making the rules and enforcing them.

2nd in command.

The Council member who is 2nd in command will have several duties and added privileges that other members and even council members do not. When the leader is gone the 2nd in command is the guild leader. He has the power to do anything he wants concerning the guild as long as it is in compliance with the guidelines of the guild. 2nd in command can call guild meetings at his will. and promote members to the next rank if he wishes

Pk officer's

There will be 2 pk officers. the pk officers are responsible for organizing pk run's and keeping track of your pk points that you may earn towards your next promotion the pk officers are Council member's "Shibi , and Ibihs" Pk officer Shibi may also fill in as 3rd in command in situations when both the leader and 2nd in command are gone.

Promotion officers

there will be 2 promotion officers and it will be there responsibility to keep track of each guild members promotion points towards there next rank. when someone has reached the required number of points to reach the next lvl he will submit that name to the leader and that member will be promoted at the next meeting.

Raid officers/ Quest officer

there will be one Raid officers, the raid officer is responsible for organizing raids once the guild is large enough it will raid at least once a week, or quest for epic items

Head recruiting officer

all officers are responsible for guild invites to recruit status, but the head recruiting officer will be required to keep track of each member new recruit that has been invited and each member and keep a list of everyone who is in the guild at any given time.

Assistant recruiting officers

There will be 2 assistant recruiting officers they will fill in for the head recruiting officer when he is gone, and keep track of all members who are invited in his absence and submit a list of the names to him when he does log on.

Member responsibilities

1 Follow rules set by the leader and members of the council

2 attend meetings

3 have fun

Alts will not be allowed to join unless you have reached member status or higher

participation is encouraged.

I realize that this may seem like a long list of rules. but I believe that these rules will make for a more enjoyable guild and a much more pleasurable guild experience. to promote more guild participation, and grouping.

if you have any questions or comments or suggestions pleas let me know.