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Last Updated: March 8, 2004 3:29PM PST
Gaming News Headlines from GameSpot
Activision slammed with class-action lawsuit
ESPN Videogames closing down PS2 leagues
GameSpot Soldner beta contest coming
CSI: Miami announced
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm goes gold
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire ships
Midway secures five-year credit agreement
Midway ships The Suffering
GBA Video approved for Europe
Update offers more reasons to go There
GameFAQs Site News
3/1/04 10:30PM Best. Game. Ever!
The Spring 2004 Contest is now open for entries. 64 games, only one will be crowned as the Best. Or, at least our version of it. You can enter through the end of this month, and the polls will begin on April 1st. Good luck!

2/25/04 10:30PM Best. Game. Ever?
Both before, during, and after both of our last two Character Battle contests, people have repeatedly asked the same question: "Why don't you do a contest like this again, except for games?" Well, it's happening now: Welcome to our Spring Contest. For the rest of the month, you can nominate your favorite games (now closed) for inclusion into the contest, then we'll create the brackets for you to fill out by the beginning of March, and then the voting takes place in April and May... just in time for sign-ups for the Summer Contest in June. It's going to be an interesting time.

2/2/04 11:03PM New FAQ Bounties
A whole pile of new FAQ Bounties are online, so if you're looking for a way to help out a whole bunch of stuck gamers while winning something for yourself, give it a look. Also, look for a new Site News format coming soon, along with the long-needed return of New and Noteworthy.

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