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My most recent finds

Purchases on Aug. 5th, 2004

Atari 2600(1$ each)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Super Breakout



Space Jockey

Towering Inferno

Human Cannonball


Grand Prix

Jr. Pac-Man



Word Zapper

Mega Force



Comix Zone(Gen.)[$4]

Purchases at a Flea Market on August 1st, 2004

HUGE amount of games(60 in total) that will be listed later...I don't want to type that much right now(About 40 Atari, 9 SNES, 10 NES, some other stuff...

Purchases For July 26th, 2004

Marvel vs. Capcom 2(DC) $20

TeleroBoxer(Virtual Boy) $5

NES games:(All cart only, 3$ each, except POW[5$]

3D Worldrunner



Kings Knight

Little Nemo the Dream Master

Milon's Secret Castle


Rolling Thunder

Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston

Purchases on 7/17/04

Got bored, went shopping. Got the following:

Atari 2600 games:

Street Racer

Haunted House

Centipede(w/ manual)


Video Pinball


Pac-Man(with manual)



Combat(with manual)

Lock N' Chase(w/ manual)


And I got a manual for Blue Print for free

Sega CD games(finally got some!)

Chuck Rock II

The Adventures of Batman and Robin

Rise of the Dragon

Sega Master System games:

Astro Warrior(complete)

F-16 Fighting Falcon(card game, complete)

Thunder Blade(complete)

Altogether it came to about 35$, so not too bad I guess...more games is always good :D

Stuff bought from 7/4/04 to 7/5/04

Yard sale: Picked up a Sega Genesis Model 1, no hookups/anything for 10$..second one I have now, but didn't want to pass it up

At my favorite thrift store(see BEST DAY EVER! below) picked up Legend of Zelda, Double Dribble, Bases Loaded and SMB/DH for a total of 6$

Stopped at a gamestore(looking for a RF connector for the Model 1 genny). Insted bought a complete Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts for $8

And finally got Archon and Bionic Commando for 3$ each at my newest found gamestore(Game Craze). I am soo going back there, all NES games 3$ apiece, some good stuff in there...lots of other stuff too..


BEST DAY EVER!!!(for me) on 6/28/04

Okay, so I worked today, busted my ass, got some money. Go out to the gamestore and bought the following:

9 Atari games(Star Strike, Football, Missles Command, Combat, codebreaker, slotracers, Circus Atari, Space Invaders, and Star Raiders). Mario Clash for Virtual Boy and Red Alarm(Virtual Boy). For NES: Cybernoids, and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

All of this for 20$...I can deal with that.

So I head on over to the thrift store. And then I see it...a boxed NES Action Set. I almost pissed my pants with excitement. Look at the price. 20$. Oh ****!! I had $19 left, and that 20$ was without sales tax still. Drive home really, really quickly, grab some more cash, and go back. Buy it. Take it home, and open it up. NES, the hookups, 2 controllers, Zapper and Three games: SMB/DH, Guerilla War and Wheel of Fortune...

I had the first two, but whatever. Works perfectly :D after repairing the pins(that was a pain in the ass to do.) And now I am happy with my awesome-est buys in awhile. And it came with a box!! Super awesome.

Purchases of 6/27/04

Captain Novolin(SNES). $4

Double Dragon(SMS). $5

Wave Race 64(N64). $5

The Krion Conquest[with instructions](NES). $5

Muppet Adventure(NES). $3

Urban Champion(NES). $3

First time I've bought old stuff in a long time...I finally got money and motivation. But, I now have to rearrange my shelves again. Oh well, that's always fun

Stuff bought on 5/24/04

Bought Splinter Cell, Serious Sam: Next Encounter, and Rebel Strike all for GCN. 20$ a game, so I can deal with that. Splinter Cell is gorgeous, Rebel Strike is more of the same, and Serious Sam is mindless shooting, not good, but not bad..

Finds for 3/28/04

Bad Dudes(NES). Cost $2

Kung-Fu Heroes(NES). Cost $2

Legendary Wings(NES). Cost $2

Where's Waldo(NES). Cost $3

Space Invaders(Picture Label)(A2600). Cost $.50

Space Attack(A2600). Cost $.50

Air Sea Battle (A2600). Cost $.50

Circus Atari(A2600). Cost $.50

Chopper Command (A2600). Cost $.50

Star Raiders(A2600). Cost $.50

Dynamite Headdy(Genesis). Cost $5

Marko(Genesis). Cost $3

Pretty good day for me, total cost with tax and what not was $23.70, which I can totally deal with, and this buy pushed me over 300 total games! Woot!!!!

Finds for 3/21/04

Jackal(NES). Cost $3

Blaster Master(NES). Cost $3

Gunstar Heroes(Genesis). Cost $9

A little more than I wanted to spend, but I heard Gunstar Heroes is good, but I have yet to test them

Finds for 3/1/04

The Sims(GCN). Cost $20

Namco Museum(GCN). Cost $20

Bought the Sims off of a friend for more than he would get at a store, because I really wanted this game after playing it for like 1 minute on a computer. Even better when I actually figured out all the controls!!And then I got Namco Museum at a store later tonight because I love older games, and I wanted this collection, though I kinda do have it on GBA. Oh well, Classic Games ROCK!!

Finds for 2/28/04

Lord of the Sword(SMS)[complete]. Cost $6

Dead or Alive 2(DC). Cost $20

I'm just glad I finally found DoA2..I've been looking for it forever. Haven't tried LotS yet, but I hope it will be fun.

 Finds for 2/20/04

Sega Master System w/ 1 controller(v1.3)

Out Run(SMS)



Aztec Adventure(SMS)[complete]


Galactic Pinball(VB)[w/ manual]

Street Fighter Alpha 3(DC)

Whooo...A Sega Master System! Finally found one! The games so far are good, I need to try that VB one. All of it cost me 60$, good enough deal. I can deal with it. Really happy about the SMS :)

Finds for 2/16/04

Contra III: The Alien Wars(SNES). Cost $10

F-Zero(SNES). Cost $5

Galaga(NES). Cost $3

Zoda's Revenge: Star Tropics II(NES). Cost $3

To the Earth(NES)[Boxed, no manual]. Cost $5

Baseball Simulator 1.000(NES). Cost $5

Burai Fighter(NES)[Complete]. Cost $5

Super Monkey Ball(GCN). Cost $20

Halo(Mac). Cost $50

Good enough, I can deal with all of this....Contra won't work though :(. ..but I might need to clean it even more. Iunno. Halo is uber-fun too!

Finds for 1/19/04

Burgertime(NES). Cost: $5

Demon Sword(NES). Cost: $3

Gyruss(NES). Cost: $3

Kick Master(NES). Cost: $1

Kung Fu(NES). Cost: $1

Rad Gravity(NES). Cost: $3

Rad Racer II(NES). Cost: $3

Solar Jetman(NES(. Cost: $3

Treasure Master(NES). Cost: $2

Wild Gunman(NES). Cost: $5

Midway Arcade Treasures(GCN). Cost: 20$

Really fun games, for the most part. Midway Arcade Treasures is a real gem, and cheap too! If you have a GCN, go buy it!

Finds for 1/17/04

Wrath of the Black Manta(NES). Cost: $3

Magic of Scheherazade(NES). Cost: $2

Taboo: The Sixth Sense(NES). Cost: $3

Karnov(NES). Cost: $3

an okay day, not too bad...They are fun games so far so, yea..its all good.

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