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;) Mu Proxy Server

1 Hit Hack for MuOnline

;) News 

07.07.2004 - The proxy server is detected by nprotect. Version 2.6 doesn't work anymore. Currently I dont have enough time to work on new version. I don't know when I can update it. Keep visiting for the next update.

06.17.2004 - Version 2.6 is ready to download. I fixed it for the new version of mu. Read new instructions before using it.

06.14.2004 - Version 2.5 is ready to download. Some bugs are fixed in this version and now you are able to change the hit count.

06.12.2004 - I have developed this proxy server 1 month ago. I used it without a problem in this period. Now u are able to download and use the version 2.3

06.12.2004 - The web site is open. 

;) Usage 

 1 - Download "".
 2 - Extract the zip file.
 3 - Run mu game.
 4 - Wait until "connect" button will be appear.
 5 - Run "mu proxy server.exe".
 6 - Click "connect" button.
 7 - U will see a message about hacking while the game starts.
 8 - Exit game and close the proxy server.
 9 - Run mu game again.
10 - Wait until "connect" button will be appear.
11 - Run "mu proxy server.exe" again.
12 - Click "connect" button.
13 - You wont see the message at this time.
14 - Enjoy.



- This programm can run only on a Windows XP system and it assumes that windows is installed in "c:\windows" folder.
- Dont use SELECT SERVER option. Exit game close proxy server and follow the instructions abow again.
- You are able to change your hit count. So you can make monsters drop.
- If you get the message about hacking every time u start the game try to disable sounds.