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Mikey's World: News, Sports, Weather :)

Mikey's World

News, Sports, and Weather :) :) :)

Have Fun and Adventure On! :) :) :)

Last Updated:
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 9:30 PM

My blessed greetings to you

:) Summer 2017 :)

Welcome to my Mikey's World homepage for your News, Sports, and Weather :) at Part of my Supercade Network. This website is dedicated to all the News, Sports, and Weather that I love so much, it's truly my pleasure to share with you the latest in Local News, Sports, and Weather too. :)

This drop down box:

will always be on this site. :)

My first link, :) Supercade: Mikey's Adventures :) will take you to my arcade high scores site. My News website is my second link :) Mikey's News :). My third link, :) Mikey's Sports Scores :) is my Philly Sports Scores site. My fourth link that I added :) Mikey's Weather :) is my Weather site. :) My final link :) Mikey's Super Weather :) takes you to my second weather site thanks to AccuWeather. I LOVE seeing the beach forecast, a BBQ forecast, a forecast for stargazing, even the forecast for my Bus stop since I LOVE to ride the buses. :) May God Bless you all and Have a great day from Mikey's World.:):):) Have fun and Adventure On! :)

About Mikey's World

This site features my favorite News, Sports, and Weather widgets I love to display. :) :) :) Just like my very own newscast. I love keeping up with the Local news and keeping you and all my friends and family in the know with my :) mikey's adventures updates :) and :) mikey's weather updates :) and :) mikey's work updates :) and various other fun updates on my Facebook. :) That's all there is to it. So sit back, relax and enjoy my wonderful news, sports and weather masterpiece that is...

Mikey's World

All about Mikey :)

:) I am 41 years old from New Castle Delaware. I'm the cleaner here at the apartment and my birthday is on April 1, 1976 our bicentennial year. I went to High School at Delcastle Technical High School (1992-1996) and earned my high school diploma (class of 1996) I graduated with Perfect Attendance in my senior year and I also majored in Electronics and earned an Exemplary Certificate in Electronics Technology. I also attended Delaware Technical and Community College (1996-2005) I graduated earning my bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems Technology (class of 2006). I worked full time at Chase Card Services (September 9, 2002 to June 13, 2016 for a total of 13 years and 3,054 working days) in beautiful downtown Wilmington Delaware as an RPS Data Entry Operator 1 and as an Operations very first Job!!!!! I am now currently Job Hunting for my second Job...:) mikey's job hunt 2! :) I'm 5'6" 160 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. My interests include reading, bowling, swimming, shopping at Malls, spending time with my brother, going out on adventures on Mondays, watching DVDs, watching sports on TV (Philadelphia Phillies Baseball, Philadelphia Eagles Football, Philadelphia Flyers Hockey, WWE wrestling/WWE Network/Classic Mikey's Classics) I also like going out to the many video game arcades and bowling alleys around here and playing arcade games (my Arcade version of SuperCade) I also like playing video games here at home too (my Home version of SuperCade) I also love to go to those arcades and bowling alleys and check them to make sure they are safe for the kids to play and last but best of all, I LOVE spending time with :) <3 Tara <3 :) the most wonderful girlfriend ever on Sundays during the day or on Saturday nights. :):):):):):):):):):) Enjoy your visit here at Mikey's World. :):):) God bless you all and Have fun and Adventure On! :)

CHASE SHUTDOWN: 06/13/2016
Had a boardroom meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2016 which ultimately announced our pending Remittance/Payment Operations Shut down on Monday, June 13, 2016. Thank you Chase for a wonderful 13 years of service and over 3,054 working days for my very first job and I have now started my :) Mikey's Job Hunt 2 :) on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 which is now ongoing. Wish me lots of luck!!!!! :)

Mikey's Sports Favorites

Favorite Sports sites:
Mikey's Score Stream Sports Score updates
Favorite sports teams:
MLB Baseball:
Philadelphia Phillies
2008 National League Eastern Division Champions!!!!!!!
2008 National League Champions!!!!!

NFL Football:
Philadelphia Eagles

NHL Hockey:
Philadelphia Flyers

AFL Football:
Philadelphia Soul

Minor League Baseball:
Wilmington Blue Rocks, Las Vegas 51's, Trenton Thunder

Favorite Wrestling Organization:
WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Favorite WWE Superstars:
Shawn Michaels, Batista, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Big Daddy V, Chris Masters, The Undertaker, Kane, JBL, Val Venis, Triple H, The Big Show, Mick Foley, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, C.M. Punk, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, Cactus Jack, Kelly-Kelly, Dawn Marie, Fandango, Adam Rose...Don't be a LEMON, be a ROSEBUD!!!!!!! :)

Favorite Wrestling Shows:
WWE: Network shows (on Sundays)
WWE: Monday Night RAW (on Mondays)
WWE: Smackdown LIVE! (on Tuesdays)

Favorite Racing Events:

Favorite NASCAR Drivers:
#3 Dale Earnhardt (He will always be the man. Rest In Peace)
#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. (winner of 2014 Daytona 500) Dale Jr. will retire at the end of this 2017 NASCAR racing season. :) Thank you Dale Jr.
#29 Kevin Harvick (winner of 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship)
#24 Jeff Gordon...We actually got to meet Jeff Gordon as part of his Drive to End Hunger campaign at Chase Card Services on Thursday September 29, 2011. It was awesome!!!!! :) Jeff Gordon retired at the end of the 2015 NASCAR season. Thanks for the memories Jeff. :)

Mikey's Adventures

Updated: 07/25/2017
Last time: 07/24/2017
Mikey's Adventures :):)

Click here to read my latest stories of Mikey's Adventures and me and Tara's Adventures :):)

Tara and Mikey's 111th Adventures on July 23, 2017 :):)
Mikey's Adventures on July 24, 2017 :):)

April 1, 2013...Quite possibly the GREATEST Birthday Adventure I ever had....bowling my 4th Turkey ever and 4 STRIKES in a row at Doverama lanes and bowling a 196 with 5 STRIKES and 3 SPARES and then later at night going to Little Anthony's Pizza and scoring over 50 MILLION points playing on the Terminator 2 Pinball game :)

April 30, 2017...BEST date ever!!!!! Sure our bowling scores may have been under par, but we both played our first Turbo Speed Ms. Pac-man games together on the Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga turbo Speed Machine at Bowlerama and Tara scored 10,910 points on her first game, 12,960 points on her second game and I played through ALL 141 levels of my turbo speed game with Tara by my side and scored a HUGE high score of 815,970 points and Tara saw the kill screen for the first time ever on a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga machine :) YAY ME!!!!!! Our 99th date together for me and Tara forever :):)

You can read all about my AWESOME birthday (April 1, 2013) adventure here...
Mikey's BEST Adventures ever!!! April 1, 2013

Happy reading. :) This is The Amazing Mikey saying have a great day today, and as I always love to say it best...Have Fun and Adventure On! :):):):):)

Mikey's Work 1
Chase Card Services

JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase Pay and Personal Info site
Chase website
Red Cross
United Way

Mikey's Work:
Chase Card Services

Mikey's Job Title 1:
RPS Data Entry Operator 1

Mikey's Job Title 2:
Operations Specialist

Mikey's Date of Hire and First Day of Work:
September 9, 2002

Mikey's Termination Position Job Elimination and Final Day of Work:
June 11, 2016***

Mikey's Consecutive Work Days:
1,642 Days (09/09/2002 to 02/05/2010)

Mikey's Part-Time Work Days:
656 Days (09/09/2002 to 12/31/2005)

Mikey's Full-Time Work Days:
2,398 Days (01/02/2006 to 06/11/2016)

Mikey's Total Work Days:
3,054 Days (09/09/2002 to 06/11/2016)

Mikey's Total Years Worked:
13 Years (09/09/2002 to 06/11/2016)

Mikey's Retirement Countdowns:
6,946 Work Days
27 Work Years

CHASE SHUTDOWN: 06/13/2016
Had a boardroom meeting on Thursday, April 14, 2016 which ultimately announced our pending Remittance/Payment Operations Shut down on Monday, June 13, 2016. Thank you Chase for a wonderful 13 years of service and over 3,054 working days for my very first job and I have now started my :) Mikey's Job Hunt 2 :) on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 which is now ongoing. Wish me lots of luck!!!!! :)

Mikey's 2016 Vacation Schedule
Mikey's Vacations From Work

Coming Soon! :)

Mikey's Bosses
Boss #1: Jacky (2002 to 2006...first time she's the boss)
Boss #2: Bill (2007 to 2009)
Boss #3: LuAnne (2009)
Boss #4: Cindy (January 2010 to April 2010)
Boss #5: Jacky (May 2010 to March 2013...second time she was the boss)
Boss #6: John (April 2013 to June 2016)***

Last Power Outage:
Friday, June 12, 2015 from 1:45pm to 1:55pm
All the lights went out except the exceptions area for 10 minutes.

Last Fire Drill:
Tuesday May 10, 2016 from 3:30pm to 3:45pm.
All strobe lights were working. :)
** Someone burned Popcorn in one of our microwaves which had a metal piece in it which set off the alarms.

Last Test of Fire Alarm:
Friday February 17, 2012
All Strobe lights were working. :)

Last Test of Speakers:
Saturday March 28, 2015
All Speakers were working. :)

Last Shelter In Place Drill:
Thursday March 24, 2016 from 10am to 10:10am

Mikey's Snow Days From Work

Last Snow Blizzard to cancel work for me:
Blizzard of 2016***

January 23, 2016

1 day off

Earliest snow day off:
February 17, 2003

First snow day off:
February 17, 2003

Latest snow day off:
January 23, 2016

Last snow days off:
February 6, 2010 and February 7, 2010*

No DART Buses running due to snow blizzard:
February 6, 2010 and February 7, 2010
January 23, 2016 and January 24, 2016

Mikey's Call Outs from work

Last time Absent from Work:
February 11, 2010

First time Absent from work:
February 6, 2010

Absent from work / Called out:
February 6, 2010, February 7, 2010, February 11, 2010

Jury Duty Day:
August 12, 2010
Mikey wasn't picked...Only 45 cases and 1 needed a Jury. Served from 9am to 11:45am

Final total number of consecutive work days:
1,642 days from September 9, 2002 to February 5, 2010*

*On February 6th, 2010, a record setting 25 inches of snow was dumped all over New Castle County and in Wilmington. No DART Buses ran on these 2 days and Chase Cards was still open on both of these days. As a result, The Amazing Mikey had to call out, ending his longest running consecutive work days streak at 1,642 days.

**On February 13, 2014, 10 to 12 inches of snow fell overnight Wednesday February 12 into Thursday February 13, 2014. Mikey's work called to let me know I didn't have to go to work on this day, yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Snow day off!!!! A rare Snow Day on a Thursday, so what do I do to celebrate???? I conquered my Pac-Man World Rally Racing game on my Playstation 2!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

***On January 22, 2016 after I got off work after my 2,954th day, light snow fell as I was waiting for my bus ride home from work on what would have been me and Tara's 34th adventures together. However, snow started falling at 5:55pm and thus the Blizzard of 2016!!!!!! 12 to 26 inches of snow starting 6pm 01/22 and lasting ALL DAY 1/23.

Mikey's Hurricane Days From Work

First Hurricane to cancel work for me:
Hurricane of 2003: Hurricane Isabel

September 18, 2003

1 day off

Earliest hurricane day off:
September 19, 2003

Longest Power Outage at old home
3 days (09/19/2003 at 3:30am to 09/21/2003 at 2:15pm)

First hurricane day off:
September 19, 2003

Last Hurricane to cancel work for me:
Hurricane of 2011: Hurricane Irene
First Hurricane at New Townhome at Windsor Forest
after 5.9 Earthquake from Mineral Virginia Tuesday August 23, 2011

August 28, 2011

1 day off

Last hurricane day off:
August 28, 2011

Last Hurricane to cancel work for me:
Hurricane of 2012: Hurricane Sandy / The Frankenstorm
Second Hurricane at New Townhome at Windsor Forest

October 29, 2012

1 day off

Last hurricane day off:
October 29, 2012

Mikey's Work 1
Full Time Schedule
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
9am to 5:30pm
Remittance Processing closed: Saturday June 11, 2016
after working 13 years and 3,054 working days

Mikey's Job Hunt 2
Mikey's New 2nd Job: ???

Mikey's Job Hunt 2

Mikey's World

Mikey's Graduations

The BOB: Where The Stars Come Out
Delaware Technical and Community College

Mikey's High School and College Graduations

The BOB: Where The Stars Come Out
Mikey had both High School and College Graduations here!!!
06/03/1996 Delcastle High School Graduation (TV Taped, yes I still have the tape, now converted to DVD) :) I made it on TV!!!! :)
05/17/2006 Delaware Technical and Community College Graduation Class of 2006 :)

Mikey's World

Mikey's News

Mikey's News
Reuters News
Reuters Widgets
One News Page
One News Page World News
One News Page Widgets

Reuters Latest News

One News Page Top News Widget

Sports Match

I just scored a HUGE 595,950 points playing this game at 2:30pm on 06/09/2016!!!! YAY ME!!!!! :)
Sports Match on

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Mikey's Sports

Baseball Live Score

Score Stream
Mikey's Score Stream Scores updates

Let's Go Teams!

Mikey's Sports Scores
Goal Serve
Goal Serve

Goal Serve Baseball Score Updates (Let's Go Phillies!) :)

Goal Serve Football Score Updates (Let's Go Eagles!) :)

Goal Serve Hockey Score Updates (Let's Go Flyers!) :)

Mikey's Weather

Mikey's Weather
Mikey's Super Weather

AccuWeather BEST Widget

Mikey's TV

Mikey's Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity

My Xfinity Channel Lineup:
*** We will be going to Sling TV in August 2017

Mikey's DTV: Digital Television

DTV Answers
What is DTV?
Antenna Web
LPTV Answers
DTV 2009

My DTV Channel Lineup:
3 - 1 - KYW TV
3 - 2 - Decades
10 - 1 - WCAU TV
10 - 2 - COZI TV
10 - 3 - WCAU DT
17 - 1 - WPHL DT
17 - 2 - Antenna
17 - 3 - This TV
17 - 4 - Comet
23 - 1 - WNJS
29 - 1 - WTXF DT
29 - 2 - Movies!
29 - 3 - LIGHT
35 - 1 - MiND
35 - 2 - NHKWRLD
35 - 3 - F24
35 - 4 - RT
35 - 66 - WFME TV 66 (Family Radio on TV) :) this one's for you Mom :) (last day on air: 10/31/2013)
40 - 1 WMGM DT
50 - 1
50 - 2
51 - 1 - WTVE TV
51 - 2 - CHARGE!
57 - 1 - WPSG
61 - 1 - ION
61 - 2 - qubo
61 - 3 - ION life
61 - 4 - Shop
61 - 5 - QVC
61 - 6 - HSN
62 - 1 - WWSI DT
62 - 2 - EXITOS
62 - 3 - WWSI TV
65 - 1 - WUVP DT
65 - 2 - WFPA CA
65 - 3 - GetTV
65 - 4 - Bounce

Mikey's Roku

Roku on Wikipedia

My Roku Channels:
WWE Network
Sling TV(Coming August 2017)

Mikey's World

Have a blessed day from Mikey's World :)
Have fun and Adventure On! :)