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StrifeShadow Fantasy

Ssf is a multiplayer online game where you kill mosters to gain levels.The idea of the game is to get to rank one,but to get to rank one you have to kill the monster ask for help and join a kingdom,any thing to get to rank but there is no point of that as MrLittleUgly is to high of a level.

I think Ssf is a good game it's hard at first but as you get to a higher level it's gets easier.I bet you that it's on of the best online games around and it free and a done with flash you don't see many games that are free and done by flash.

In my homepage about Ssf there is screen shots of ssf and screen shots of other things,the best kingdom which is Earth,you can vote which you think is the best kingdom,play ssf,the story of ssf,and the offical web.

Sorry guito i got the same forum as you because,the others were not what i'm looking for

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