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"An unbelievable achievement
...I cannot believe how flawless he was..."
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The Pittsburg Steelers were ready to take on the Arizona Cardinals in a tight grudge they thought. "Well this is gonna be a tough battle, not a lot a scoring, but the key to victory will be how Plummer plays," Coach Cowher said to Field Reporter Mellisa Stark. Although Coach Cowher did not comment after the loss of 55-10, his face said a thousand words. You ask how? The answer is simple Clinton Portis, Clinton Portis, Clinton Portis. Besides his name, he racked in 308 yards (New NFL rushing record in a single game), scored 5 touchdowns, and averaged 5.6 yards a carry.

"This was definitely his (Portis') day," commented Coach McGinnis. "It was his breakout game, if you can say that, I mean he was the best running back in the league entering this game, but he just adds to his mistique every game. I had so much faith in him, and after the 54 yard touchdown scamper I had to just keep giving him the ball."

Yes it was a great game, but lets not forget about Michael Vick's day. 212 yards, 3 touchdowns, 9/15, 22 rushing yards and a QB rating of 143.7...WOW! Michael Vick showing why he truly is the best player in the NFL today. However, we cannot just say that this was an offensive battering, the Cardinals defense allowed only 10 points and 7 of the 10 were due to a 98 yard return for a touchdown by Cris Chambers.
If you think this team had a flook today well then I guess they had 8 other games which were just a flook.

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Ted Green
Ted, co-owner and scout for the Arizona Cardinals comes from New Cumberland, PA. He his highly respected in the Madden field and plans to one day rebuild Sun Devil Stadium. Right now he says, "Andy and I only have one thing on our minds..."

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