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Industrial Animation R2-D2 – A Mechanism Description



The Industrial Animation R2-D2 (figure 1) is an interactive voice command toy.  The Industrial Animation R2-D2 is a toy replica of the R2-D2 droid from the Star Wars movies created by George Lucas.  The Industrial Animation R2-D2 is approximately 15 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 10 inches long.  The Industrial Animation R2-D2 consists of plastic, rubber, metal, and glass.  The Industrial Animation R2-D2 consists of six visible parts:  lights, power switch, steering legs, center leg, wheel lock, and sensors.

Figure 1























Source:  Hasbro.  2003.  My R2-D2 and a Digital Camera.  Internet:





The lights, incased within plastic with plastic lens’ covers, are small colored light bulbs.  The lights show proof of power and are animated to the different modes of the Industrial Animation R2-D2.


Power Switch

The power switch, made of black plastic, found on the lower backside of the Industrial Animation R2-D2, slides forward to provide power to the Industrial Animation R2-D2.


Steering Legs

The steering legs, made of plastic and rubber, help steer the Industrial Animation R2-D2 and provide stability.  The steering legs, located on either side, have rubber wheels for moving and turning.


Center Leg

The center leg, made of plastic, helps steer and keep the Industrial Animation R2-D2 stable.


Wheel Lock

The wheel lock, made of clear plastic, is a button that locks the wheels.  The wheel lock remains lit when pressing the button to lock the legs in a stationary position.



The sensors, located above the lights on the dome, detect objects, lights, and sounds.  The large sensor detects object movement and light.  The smaller sensors, located under the bigger sensor, detect sounds and voice commands.



Mathew J Brennan

Colorado Technical University

English 200 Technical Communications

Fall 2003