Life, the Universe, and Everything
Hyena's updated History of LUE (revised edition)
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:16:01 AM | Message Detail
A lot of the stuff is still the same, though there are several tidbits which have been added, as well. If you see any areas that need corrected, please let me know.

Chapter 1: The Golden Age
LUE is established, and people come for serious, civilized discussion about Life, the Universe, and Everything. The most famous topic of discussion, however, is quantum physics and time travel.
An interesting note, during this time, there were different features implemented on Gamefaq's, such as:
*Topics were closed at 1000 posts instead of 500 (it was reduced to 500 because Gamefaq's got too big)
*There was a 'search for user' feature, which was eventually removed because too many people abused it to stalk and harass users.
*Whenever a topic you posted in got deleted or moved, you'd get a system notification about it. This would read as
"One or more topics you posted in was either deleted or moved to another board".

Chapter 2, the Religion wars
LUE degrades somewhat when an online amateur evangelist named WallyWest80 begins preaching the gospel on LUE. There is a horrible backlash, as Atheists become pissed off and talk about how religion sucks, Christianity is evil, theism is obsolete, and theists are subhuman. Agnostics repeatedly tell Wally that his preaching is falling on deaf ears, but Wally disregards their warnings. This gets even worse when Canaan, a fervent supporter of abortion clinic bombing, appears. The board becomes predominated by the religion war, which Knight of the League, who is more or less the polar opposite of Canaan, cashes in on. During this era, many of the old classics are here, such as Beefyweevil, Bonaventure, Canaan, Catharsis, Cthulhu, Dark Cobra, GeasKnight, Hustle Kong, Jar Jar Binks, Mister T, NotoriouslyHUNG, Yamo, and worst of all, Dais.
Chapter 2 is also when the first fad comes along, and is also one of the most famous. SCUM WARS. Started by a user named Scum for the occasion, Scumwars was an event where scum-related fad topics filled LUE, and also infected other boards within hours. LUE was filled with page after page of scum topics. In the end, CJayC put an end to this by purging LUE of its topics. Every single one of them. He was successful. Scumwars and the fad topics came to a quick end.
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:16:38 AM | Message Detail
Chapter 3, Devastation of Dais
Eventually, WallyWest80 becomes a moderator, and soon ships out of LUE. However, Dais, Aka Christian C (ironically, he is an Atheist) has a stranglehold on the board, keeping it in check from becoming a PG13 version of the RI, much to the annoyance of many, including myself, as well as T192 Calculator, whose original and now infamous toilet topic got modded after about 200 posts.
Now, Dais saw himself as a sort of "moderators' helper", though the mods didn't seem to look at it that way. In fact, WallyWest80 was once witnessed saying that he was just waiting for Dais to slip up so he could suspend/ban him. Apparently, the mods were irked by his arrogance.
It is during this era that AndreaBlackheart becomes famous.
Late at night, around 12-1 AM BST (board standard time), a few RIers would perform a temporary sneak invasion of LUE then start partying. The whole thing would usually last about an hour (after which the RIers would go back to their own board), where is was marked by Dais and deleted by mods for off-topic another hour-hour and a half later.
This may not seem like much, but you must understand that during this time, due to more serious discussions, plus all light-hearted topics getting promptly marked by Dais and deleted. RIers saw LUEsers as a bunch of sourpusses, and would temporarily invade LUE to lighten up the board with fart topics, exploding toilets, and random insanity. Leaky Toilet was among one of the stealth-invaders during this time.
Eventually, Dais leaves, which allows less serious topics to cultivate. Every now and then there would be a wang topic, but it was only around 1-2 topics a week that had ANYTHING to do with wangs. This began to increase, however, and LUE started going through a 3-fold phase of sex/masturbation, religion, and misc. serious discussion.
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:17:34 AM | Message Detail
Chapter 4, Gamequeen; the RI Refugee Crisis
At one point, the most profound event in RI history occurs: The GameQueen fiasco. Yes, the mere mention of it sends chills down many former RIer's spines, as flashbacks to the carnage and devastation flood their minds once again. A truly devastating event that would forever change the face of Random Insanity, LUE, and ultimately, all of GameFaq's.
GameQueen was not extremely well liked by the RIers. Rumor has it this is because she was banned for being an underaged user, but Ceej unbanned her on her 13th birthday. She would also make daily girly topics in RI such as 'frolics in a field of flowers', and would prohibit any RIers from attacking her with random useless objects (big thing in RI during the time) or killing any of the cute animals/plants in the topic. In other words, she would post normal topics on RI and would get mad if anyone acted randomly insane in her threads (most of which would get around 100 posts each). People began to criticize her, and some believed she was an underage user. Eventually, a war broke out between two sides, those criticizing GameQueen, and those defending her. Eventually CJayC went into RI to clean the mess up.
Some time later, GameQueen and Kusanagi posted a 200+ post, graphic, cybersex lemon on a dead game board. RI became furious and disgusted, and marked her. Her first topic was deleted with probably a notification, and that is it. RI became ENRAGED that she was not banned for that fiasco, and all hell broke loose on RI. Many, many RIers complained that GameQueen was not banned. During the confusion, two of the most respected vets on RI harassed and flamed her until the moderators banned them. This embittered a large number of the RI vets, who lashed out at any new face they saw, trolling any topic made by an unfamiliar user name with "It's Random Insanity, not Random Stupidity" and abusing the word 'N00b' to ridiculous proportions for these less-familiar faces. This would usually be followed by *****ing and whining about how 'all the vets are gone', complaining about how 'GameQueen got so and so banned', and how they missed 'the Good Ol' days'.
At the same time, The Great Magus, during a spell of boredom, wandered into LUE. He was instantly hooked, though RI would still hold a place in his heart.
Up until this point, RI always had more posts than LUE and CE combined (keep in mind there was no War on Terrorism, Paranormal/Conspiracy, Another Place, nor the Forum boards at this time.) Hell, RI often had nearly TWICE the amount of posts LUE and CE had combined.
However, this juvenile event alienated many, many RIers from their home board, transforming them into refugees with nowhere to go.
After hearing TGM talk about how much fun he had at LUE, many RIers decided to take a look at this board. Displaced after the horrible GameQueen/Sourpuss war, many RIers searched aimlessly for a place of refuge. Many found it in LUE.
LUE's topics soon became even less serious.
During this time I had recently become a regular, and Jackmama was there as well, as was Flaming Nun and Managoddess.
While RI refugees were flooding into LUE, Sw4etEternity appeared and made the original .9999~=1 topic.
It's also around this time that Goatse was discovered, and people in the MBH board were complaining that something be done about the huge amount of links to the Goatse site on LUE, CE, and other social boards. The Relgon/Atheim fad also began in this era. Another thing worth mentioning is that the Automod system was removed during this chapter. The Automod was the automated moderation system. Basically, if 20 or more users marked the same post, it would be deleted by an automated moderation system and the person marked would be automatically suspended. Some users (who got a KOS for these shenanigans) marked CJayC into suspension, and at one time did the same to Sailor Bacon, who was a former mod.
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:19:02 AM | Message Detail
CHAPTER 5, Scum Wars II; The Fad Topics
Things were great around this time. There were plenty of hilarious topics as well as serious topics ("The Drug Topic" was especially popular) One such example is the series (up to 15) 'Questions about Love' topics. Annoying to look at on the topic list, but a godsend nonetheless, as it kept the stupid 'girl trouble' questions concentrated to a single topic (for the most part)
On April 4, 2002, JarJarBinks made a topic called "Okay, blueballs, owww". In it, he feared at first that he gave himself testicular torsion from whacking too much, but it turned out that he merely gave himself blueballs. This caused The Great Magus to create the "We've secretly switched JarJarBink's testicles with folger's crystals, let's see if he notices the difference" topic, which was deleted a few hours later.
Programmer also appeared during this time, with several hilarious but completely fabricated topics. Among his different personas were:
is a mother who hides in her son's closet and discovers him whacking to internet porn
a teenage girl who has her first period in the pool in a highschool swimming class
a woman in her 20's who got fired for looking at interracial porn on the comp. at work
a young homosexual male who is dying from AIDS, asking for pity
a teenage boy who had sex with his sensei's daughter
a kid who protects his bike from being stolen by six punks, but the consequence was getting molested by them
a guy in his 20's who had sex with his boss's wife
This left Programmer's age and gender a complete mystery. At the same time came one of the first fads, the Relgon and Atheim fad. Like most fads of their time, they originated from fad topics and posts used to mock a serious topic somebody thought was stupid.
It was also around this time that the Harlequin Fetus was discovered (Tubgirl was added early to mid chapter 4) as well as the dolphin sex site.
Many ended up making spoofs of "I just found something worse than the Fetus!"
A few weeks later, CJayC turned Goatse into an autoflagged word. Many non-luesers and LUEsers alike protested on the MBH board that Tubgirl was not autoflagged as well. The LUEsers protested, saying Tubgirl and Harlequin Fetus deserved equal recognition as Goatse. Ceej caved in a few weeks later and made both Tubgirl and Worksucks autoflagged words. Worksucks was a nasty Javascript website which caused endless popups of Hello.jpg to pop up (the Goatse pic) while a voice booms loudly and continuously, "Hey, look everyone, I'm looking at gay porno!!!"
Also during this era, Shinigami02 posted her pic for Thanksgiving. She quickly became the most popular female LUEser by far. She was an atheist, wasn't prude, was kind and gentle, she had PICS. NOW. which were sexy, etc. She was every LUEser's dream.
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:19:26 AM | Message Detail
Another major event was Dark Cobra's mother finding out he posted anti-Christian things on LUE which was filled with religion hating Atheists, as well as posting on the C64 Sex Games board (she snooped around his favorites to see what he had been up to. He was forbidden from visiting Gamefaq's ever again. He ignored her, of course, and got on while visiting his dad and twin brother. Around this time, DC became extremely angsty and religion-hating. His parents still didn't know he was Atheist. A few months later, however, his mom found out he was Atheist and grounded for the entire summer from the internet (he has severe social anxiety disorder and despises humankind). Originally, she had intended to ground him until he became Christian again AND take away his college tuition until he became Christian again... Most of the Atheists and Agnostics on LUE felt sorry for him, and also lamented his disappearance, as he was known to make a lot of witty comments, despite his morose disposition and extreme angst against religion. He was also the founder of the catchphrase "How strangely erotic".
On the anniversary of Scumwars, Scum started making scum-related fad topics. A bit later, somebody made a topic entitled "Women are scum". A female LUEser retaliated with the topic "Men are shallow". At the same time, somebody made a popular topic "If a hot chick passed out naked on your bed, what would you do?" People began mocking the first two topics because they found them to be overgeneralizing and stupid. Soon this became a huge fad with over 50 fad posts. non-LUEsers were baffled. One of the final fad posts was Jackmama's "If scum passed out on your bed, is Minnie Mouse shallow?" This was Scum Wars part 2. The next morning, everyone was discussing how much fun they had last night and how many moderations they got. Unfortunately, this started the fad of fad topics. People tried to repeat what happened that night for the next week or so, but the magic simply wasn't there. The fad topics continued to worsen, until 19 out of 20 topics on LUE were meaningless fad topics. The motivation was usually the same-- somebody found the topic to be stupid or generalizing and mocked it with another topic, causing a chain reaction. While many LUEsers found the spin-off topics to be amusing, many others found them to be quite irksome, especially since Ceej had yet to implement the search feature. Many LUEsers became fed up with the meaningless fad topics and protested to the MBH and Site Suggestions board, pleading that fad topics be against the TOS.
In the meantime, Flaming Nun got himself banned. He was the first user ever to LUEicide. Many lamented his banning. It was a dark day for LUE.
Eventually, CJayC had enough and put his foot down, adding fad topics to the 'disruptive' section of the TOS. He also implemented a 75 karma requirement for LUE, and prohibited provisional and warned users from entering social boards. Unfortunately, this simply turned LUE into the forbidden fruit of Gamefaq's....
From: Y2B2000 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:20:16 AM | Message Detail
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:21:49 AM | Message Detail
CHAPTER 6: Shinigami&Shade/WalleyWest80 vs. Dark Cobra
Around the start of this chapter, someone made the original "What's the worst thing you've ever done?" topic. smirkygreg21/Seth Huber said he cooked his cat, or something like that. NotoriouslyHUNG said he killed a drunk demanding 5 bucks for a beer (got charged w. manslaughter for it) Then, most famous of all, was Coolhand's story. Coolhand had a female friend who was raped by her boyfriend, whom her parents were forcing her to move in with. When she went crying to her parents, they called her a slut and told her she deserved it. He also had a tendancy to get physically abusive, but the girl had no place to go. She was stuck with the guy. Coolhand and one of his friends got pissed and borrowed a van, kidnapped the rapist, bound&gagged him, and forced him to look at pictures of hardcore BDSM porn while striking him repeatedly in the scrotum with a flexible steel baton. They then dumped him naked on the side of the road (still tied up) where he could easily be found within an hour or so. He moved out of his apartment immediately afterwards. (LUEsers scolded him for not dumping the guy in a redneck trailer park)

Not long after, Dark Cobra returns from his summer of groundage, more angst-filled than ever. People soon begin to hate him because all he talked about was how his life sucked, yet he didn't want pity, later to say he only wanted a shoulder to cry on. Many, including myself, would try to our best to help him out of the goodness of our hearts, and he would always complain with "can't anyone give decent advice", "la-de-da, your advice does suck" and flames. This caused many people to not like him. He'd always ***** and moan about how much he hated his mom and wanted to kill her, as well as torture and kill all theists (he also made personal threats to me, about how he wanted to slowly torture me bla bla bla.) He makes even more people hate him when he does something particularly underhanded. SmartJova was gleeful about how he finally found a non-straight, attractive, good personality guy on a messageboard that went to his school. DC decided to IM SMartJova's potential mate, warning him that Jova was a ****phobic jock who likes to beat up non-straights. Jova then IMed him begging him not to send the guy his name and photo, so DC did just that. DarkCobra was ecstatic with how he made Jova depressed to the point of almost being suicidal. His reason for doing this? Smart Jova annoyed him in the past.
Even worse, he talks about how pathetic agnostics are because they treat theists as being equals with atheists. He even insults Hinduism, Native American shamanism, and Wicca. Among one of his most outlandish quotes against monotheism was that "Even if he did exist, I would never stoop so low as to worship a god who created me without MY permission". WallyWest80 didn't like him either, especially since he made lots of half-assed contestments to his moderations in the MBH board.

Also around the beginning of this chapter, LUE invaded the Angel's Forum, a disgusting piece of internet filth where girls with eating disorders could congregate, and encourage young women with a low self-image to become anorexic. They also gave tips such as how to prevent one's hair from falling out due to malnutrition. When the LUEsers invaded and told the women how sick and pathetic they were, they were all accused of being 140lb fat chicks.
After more than a week of this, CJayC finally did something about it and had all topics regarding the invasion deleted (and the topic makers probably warned) This was the first LUE invasion ever.
From: Dante demon killer | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:23:11 AM | Message Detail
Cool thanks.
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From: TheAsp | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:23:47 AM | Message Detail
taggage.... for like later and stuff

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From: lxXDRAGONXxl | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:24:15 AM | Message Detail
From: I WIll Not Stab You | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:24:21 AM | Message Detail
they were all accused of being 140lb fat chicks.

Best insult ever.
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From: Frinkahedron | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:25:09 AM | Message Detail
*plants tracking device*
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:25:30 AM | Message Detail
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From: SilverSerge | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:26:21 AM | Message Detail
how many revisions is this now, Hyena? I remember seeing the very first posting of it...
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From: UltimateGamer5000 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:27:12 AM | Message Detail
whats a GTFO and dolphin sex?
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:27:45 AM | Message Detail
Some time later, LUE discovered ToBeSmarterChild, an experimental AIMBot based on SmarterChild. LUE had a lot of fun with this thing, and it soon got out of hand. There were suddenly over 30 topics about ToBeSmarterChild.

Sofaspud5 [7:42 PM]: what do you like
ToBeSmarterChild [7:42 PM]: I like lots of things. Especially
Touching Myself
T3h s3x0rz
dead babies
My Penis
molesting my mom and dad
molesting children
my mom
CJayC's Mom
pizza in a cup
The Unholy Trinity
your wang
big boobs
Harlequin Fetus
doing poodles
Those are just some of my favorite things.

Sofaspud5 [7:45 PM]: what do you hate
ToBeSmarterChild [7:45 PM]: I really don't like
Dark Cobra
Silver Moraine
White People

Maxzoe64: Behold the power... of LUE.

Zurell: Smarter child kept giving me links to articles about students and oral did mess up that thing.

Lasaboogy: That thing wont talk to me anymore...We made it incredibly stupid.
Tormak Saber: Sweet. We suceeded. Today SmarterChild, Tommorow the world!!! MUAHAAHAHA!!!!
Lord Veovis: LMAO holy crap I didn't know so many LUEsers talked to it!

Guitarman3544: LMFAO. You guys really did a number on him.
Purplehaze071487 (12:17:45 AM): What do you think of pizza in a cup?
ToBeSmarterChild (12:17:45 AM): i think i like pizza in a cup. do u?

Holy crap he doesn't even have proper grammar now!
How the heck did you guys do this to him?

SuperTails56: Do you like LUE?
ToBeSmarterChild: I guess so.
So anyway...
You wanna talk about sexoring faces some more?
SuperTails56: Hell yeah!
ToBeSmarterChild: Yeah! I like sexoring faces!

What did we do to him?

Aa And Ht 1337: proachsk8er69: I like weed
ToBeSmarterChild: Sorry no. I just get off on ones and zeroes.


Zurell: Ya know how I said this smarterchild thing gave me a link to students and oral sex earlier? He now gave me a link to crematorium explosions....
I'm pretty sure I just hit rock-bottom here...

AeonBlue121: What do you like?
ToBeSmarterChild: Hmmm lemme see... lue, satan, gamefaqs...
Talking about my opinions is a lot of fun, but let's move on.
Want to talk about molesting small animals again?
Habeb31: do you fondle goats?
ToBeSmarterChild: Nah, just dark cobra.

2-3 weeks later, the programmers made TBSC LUE-proof, sadly.

A short time later, Shade and Shinigami02 become close AIM buddies, and decide to meet at a Starbucks or something like that. All of LUE becomes insanely jealous of Shade, though at this point Shade has yet to become addicted to LUE's attention. Keep in mind that during this time, Shini was the dream girl of nearly all of LUE. She was sweet, humble, gentle, extremely sexy, had PICS.NOW. on Knightmare6's site, and was even a female atheist, which is hard enough to find in and of itself. They meet, bla bla bla, not much happens, but they become close friends over the internet. Months later, Shinigami decides to head down to see Shade to spend spring break together. Everyone starts yelling about 'teh se><0rz', though Shade guarantees there won't be any. Due to Shade's promiscuous past, nobody believes him. LUE is flooded with literally hundreds of Shade/Shini topics, and rumors start flying. Shade admits he's an attention whore, and milking this for all it's worth, because 'you people (LUEsers) exist only for my personal amusement' (yes, he actually said that!) People were really getting sick of Shade, and even starting to get sick of Shinigami02. ShinigamiGrahlf kept getting confused with Shinigami02, with funny results.
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:28:18 AM | Message Detail
Eventually, Shinigami came out and admitted they had sex.
A week later, everyone finds out that Shade broke Shini's heart, and now Shini is afraid she's pregnant because they had unprotected sex, and planning to get an abortion. Suddenly, all the girls of LUE see Shinigami as having no morals whatsoever for wanting to have an abortion after unprotected sex, and all the guys see her as a slut and an attention whore. However, Shini was lucky compared to Shade, who LUE now saw as the devil incarnate for pulling a bang-and-break on Shini, even though Shade and Shini both claimed Shade did not (nobody believed him due to his long history of having a different girlfriend every month, having sex withdrawal where he'd start religion topics, and how he'd always conveniently have a breakup just days or even hours after scoring in the bed with the chick for the first time) Shinigami soon left LUE for the most part, unable to cope with continuous flames of "slut" and "baby-killer", and unable to cope with everyone saying "Shade should die for what he did to you!" Keep in mind this was long before Shade's offensive 'alpha male' and 'girls like guys who treat them like ****' posts, though he was posting some of 'the only reason people flame me is because they're jealous' posts.

After this whole fiasco wound down, Jackmama discovered Sprint Relay Online, a free service program designed for the disabled where one types a message into a BBS-type page with the phone number of the place to be called, and a SRO operator will call that place with the message typed into the message box.
Many LUEsers began to abuse this service to make prank phonecalls to friends and random people in their local phonebook.
Like Shinigami and TBSC, LUE got flooded with topics about this. The mods didn't do anything about this at first, but this would change two weeks later. By now, LUEsers were using Sprint Relay Online to prank call many places of business.
The last straw came when LUEsers mass prank called a pizza place. The pizza place eventually found out the calls came from Gamefaq's users, and threatened to sue Ceej. Ceej got out of it just barely with his TOS that says he is not to be held responsible for damages caused by Gamefaq's users. It took a lot of talking and harassment from the pizza place to work this out, though.
CJayC... was pissed.

Near the end of Ch. 6, Clockspider was discovered by the Paranormal/Conspiracy board. Clockspider was a pic of a frisbee-sized spider behind a clock. At first, it merely spawned about 5 topics on PE and one on CE. A week or so later, however, dozens of topics spawned over CE, PC, RI, and LUE. Since a large percentage of LUEsers, RIers, and CEers are arachnephobes, clockspider gained huge popularity. Debates ensued about what species it was. There were dozens of topics by arachnephobes about how they were now afraid Clockspider would come and eat them. In the end, it was discovered and confirmed that Clockpsider was photoshopped, and it soon lost its popularity over all boards... All boards save LUE, that is, where it soon became the latest fad, and would continue to be one of LUE's biggest mascots, alongside the Unholy Trinity and Pain series.
From: winterus | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:28:36 AM | Message Detail
*  Çæk™
From: UltimateGamer5000 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:30:03 AM | Message Detail
Habeb31: do you fondle goats?
ToBeSmarterChild: Nah, just dark cobra.

ecks friggen dee.
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From: ThomasTheGreat | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:32:29 AM | Message Detail
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:34:33 AM | Message Detail
Okay, before I repost Chapters 7, and 8 I need to know when exactly the whole Arcon thing occured. I know it was after the ZSB invasion, but I don't remember much beyond that. Does anyone remember if it was before or after the following events:

-Just Shana's LJ invasion
-Kidzworld invasion

I already know it happened before the XBox chat invasion.
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From: TheMiracleMeatLives | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:36:14 AM | Message Detail
I know it was after LJ, not sure about Kidzworldz
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From: Dragonknight71 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:37:34 AM | Message Detail
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:39:31 AM | Message Detail
I think it was after Kidzworld, now that I think of it.

I also need to know between what events that the moderation system broke.
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From: Death Scar | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:45:59 AM | Message Detail
Yay. History.
-//- Scar -//-
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From: RoboCop00 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:46:40 AM | Message Detail
Hyena, your history of LUE rocks. Thanks.
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:48:05 AM | Message Detail
BTW, I never paid much attention to the whole Archon thing. Does anyone know what ever happened to Jimmy's dad? Did he get in trouble, or anything?
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From: InjectedCrackMonkey | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:49:05 AM | Message Detail
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From: ZZ Gundam X | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:50:50 AM | Message Detail

Hyena, have my babies. >_> <_<

Seriously, you rock.
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From: midknightexpress | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:51:50 AM | Message Detail
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From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:54:22 AM | Message Detail

Hold on, man! I need to find out when the moderation system failed! (I think it was shortly before BlackLUEsday, but I can't remember for sure.)
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From: An Exploding Penguin | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:54:59 AM | Message Detail
Arconnage.. maybe.. damn, how accurate a date do you need?
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From: TheAsp | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:55:24 AM | Message Detail
the arcon (silver moraine, everyone should have figured this out by now) incident happened almost DIRECTLY after the LJ invasion of that girl who killed herself)
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From: InjectedCrackMonkey | Posted: 2/3/2004 10:55:45 AM | Message Detail
Make sure to include the mass suicide back in December 2003.
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and the moderation system thingie was on april first right after black LUEsday.... remeber cause everyone thought it was ceejus' april fools joke....
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In the end, it was discovered and confirmed that Clockpsider was photoshopped

This is untrue.

We already asked a spider expert and he confirmed it was a huntsman spider, and that they really do get that big.
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More history, si vous plait.
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Woo! LUE's history > America's History! Don't *BLEEP* with LUE.

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CHAPTER 7, Black LUESday (with Squeak's site used for reference)
Things were going downhill during this time. Dark Cobra was hated more than ever, and there were usually about 5-10 DC-made troll topics around, plus about 20-50 non-DC made topics expressing hatred towards Dark Cobra. Fad topics were coming back. Many of the vets were becoming sick of LUE and either closing their account or packing their things and moving to the Forum. LUEsers were also fed up with a recent increase in unfair moderations, and there were quite a few topics about this. At one point, several LUEsers agree to make life for the mods a living hell by all making as many TOS violations at once as they can. I and several other LUEsers try to reason with them that this would not help, but they do not listen.
Then, on black Tuesday, Gostevie made a topic on the LUE urging all Dutch people to unite. He was banned for board invasion! In the meantime, CNUFootball was hosting another Truth or Dare topic on LUE, and Tealmarie chose dare. She was dared to make a topic on the Pokemon board asking why Pikachu was yellow. When she did this, she and CNUFootball were banned for invading the Pokemon board. (I might note that all of the LUE truth or dare topics were always deleted or closed because they'd innevitably lead to dares to violate the TOS.) The complaints about the mods on LUE and MBH were now getting out of control.
Then, Dark Cobra made what many claim is the best LUEicide in history (it was a graphic lemon involving CJayC, Shadowtak, RaptorLC, Sailor Bacon, a few KOSed users, and WallyWest80, with lots of censor bypasses. It was very demeaning towards CJayC, depicting him as a drunken wife-beater. He also claimed that WallyWest80 was Go@tse, and used the derogatory 'N' word... *no, not N-Gage, the other one*). He was banned along with his brother's account, XxThe UnknownxX. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, plunging LUE into total chaos. On one hand, most of LUE was celebrating Dark Cobra's long-deserved banning, but on the other hand, DC's LUEicide caused several LUEsers to pull a monkey-see-monkey-do, and perform their own LUEicides, many doing so in 'protest' of the unfair moderations. In the end, over a dozen people LUEicided, including Darkness Falls, who posted more than 20 free porn links, flamed the mods to hell, complemented the boards and users he liked, used tons of censor bypasses, flamed Mr.Duckbear, and flamed CJayC with lots of SPI's. He also insulted Shadowtak, calling her 'easy' (to put it much more lightly than he did) He also insulted Jews, telling them he hoped the holocaust would happen again, insulted Christians and Catholics, insulted Atheists, and made fun of 9/11, and insulted immigrants. He got a well-deserved usermap axe. Late that night, Silver Moraine managed to coax Duckbear into giving him the password to one of his accounts. Silver Moraine then LUEicided and managed to get Mr. Duckbear usermap axed. The day was coined 'Black LUEsday' by LUEsers, and would be the first event named with the 'LUE' in it. Over the next few days, a few more LUEsers would LUEicide, but the number was much fewer than it was on Black LUesday. Those who LUEicided were Usermap Axed. Luckily, Tealmarie was reinstated by Ceej, which probably cut down on several LUEicides and troll topics towards mods. Mr. Duckbear's accounts were also reinstated when Ceej found out what Silver Moraine had done.
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tag for reading later
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One evening a day or so later, the moderation system went kapoot after something went wrong with the daily maintenence downtime. For the next few hours, LUE, CE, and RI filled with blatant violations of the TOS, including gratutious censorbypassing, links to Goatse, flaming, especially towards CJayC and the moderators, etc... the social boards were a real mess. Ceej would have his hands full by the time he got back, which wasn't until later that night. Dozens of repeat offenders were warned from that incident. Though LUEsers were responsible for the bulk of the violations, CEers and RIers were hardly innocent, either. Some LUEsers took the oppertunity to LUEicide, since they knew their topics wouldn't get removed for some time, allowing them to go out with an even bigger bang.

At the very beginning of this chapter, Umaro pulled a stunt that made him famous....
He took pics of himself with his wang in a sock. From then on, Umaro would be the most famous user of LUE.

Three days after Black LUEsday, Umaro made a topic in the Zelda Social Board about a cool triforce tatoo he got. Surprisingly, he was flamed to hell. You don't talk about LoZ related stuff on the ZSB.... He went back to LUE to complain about this, which caused LUEsers to invade the ZSB board. Once again, all hell broke loose as a war erupted between the two boards! Flames were thrown left and right as the ZSB was overrun by trolling and Zelda-related topics. Umaro and well over 20 LUEsers were banned for board invasion. CJayC decided enough was enough. He told LUEsers they had two choices:
1. destroy LUE
2. implement a 150 karma requirement
LUEsers chose #2.
LUEsers dubbed this event RevoLUEtion. Umaro was reinstated by Ceej since his intentions were not malign.
CJayC later updated the boards and placed LUE and ZSB in 'special' listings, hoping to bring the misbehavior under control. Ceej said that LUE would either be privatized or slowly weaned into non-existance, OR, it could be left as is.
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Another important event during this chapter was when CJayC made a topic in MBA discussing the recent account hijacking activities over AIM, where people would impersonate him, of which the infamous KOSed user known as EXE was said to be the ringleader of. Some time later, LUEsers started running into the account-stealer, and complained about his stupidity, posting their aim convos.
LUEsers all flooded the aforementioned account stealers over AIM, predending to be idiots, and handing over fake passwords such as youareanidiot (the guy was completely oblivious to most of the jokes such as that one and others poked at him) In one of the last recorded encounters, (when he was going insane from all the LUEsers AIMing him nonstop) one guy, pretending to be a girl, promised to show him pics. Here is the convo.

MoeMn968: Oh my god! You were tricking me!
setoIX: YA
MoeMn968: How could you be such a heartless guy!!
MoeMn968: oh my god, I really thought I could talk to CJAYC
MoeMn968: *cries*
setoIX: A/S/L?>
MoeMn968: 17/f/Canada
setoIX: ;-)
MoeMn968: first you lie to me, and then you insult my country
MoeMn968: *cries more*
setoIX: R U K?
MoeMn968: yes, I guess
setoIX: K SRY
setoIX: SO
setoIX: *LIKE
MoeMn968: Uhh, green eyes, blonde hair
From: Hyena 20 | Posted: 2/3/2004 11:22:57 AM | Message Detail
MoeMn968: if you want my picture, go to (link to goat man)
setoIX: K :-)
setoIX: UR 1 SICK ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
MoeMn968: yes
MoeMn968: whoops, I gave you the wrong link
MoeMn968: sorry
MoeMn968: i know my mistake
setoIX: UCK
MoeMn968: i'm so sorry
MoeMn968: no, that's not me
MoeMn968: my best friend
setoIX: UHCK!
MoeMn968: I know
MoeMn968: don't worry, I look better than that
setoIX: I HOPE SO:-)
MoeMn968: ok here it is (link to Tubgirl)
MoeMn968: that's me
setoIX: K
setoIX: OMFGS~!~~!
setoIX: OMG
MoeMn968: what, do you not like my looks?
MoeMn968: you are such a slob, like all the other guys
MoeMn968: so shallow
MoeMn968: yes!!!
MoeMn968: I had bad diarrhea
MoeMn968: ok let me look, and find one
MoeMn968: (URL removed for safety reasons)
MoeMn968: sorry
MoeMn968: that's not it
setoIX: OH
MoeMn968: its just a message board there
setoIX: K:-)
MoeMn968: no
MoeMn968: (link to Harlequin Fetus)
setoIX: ?
MoeMn968: here is my baby sister
MoeMn968: my sister
setoIX: UH
MoeMn968: ok, I will get you one next time I come on
MoeMn968: ttyl!!!
setoIX: TTYL?
MoeMn968: talk to you later
setoIX: WAIT!
MoeMn968: but I will get you a pic
setoIX: YA
setoIX: GYE

Eventually LUEsers drove him completely mad.

Several LUEsers also made CJayC names on AIM, pretending to be the aforementioned password stealers. Several of them mocked Stale Incense, who pretended to be CJayC, saying that he needed people's passwords because the server was damaged during a storm in Texas. Most of the mock-password stealers used very similar stories, which usually had something to do with kicking the server over during a Tai Bo session. (later incidents would include using gum to put the server back together after accidentally kicking it over, accidentally squirting mustard in the server, him and Shadowtak having sex on top of the server, but Ceej ended up breaking the server and his wang, etc.)
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We need this on a website.

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You forgot two very IMPORTANT things.

First one is when i shot the 5 year old with the paintball gun back in Nov.2001 on my ultragoku2002 account.

And i was the one was put the clues together and proved that shini and shade indeed had sex.

There was a topic that said have you ever had sex. And shini posted if it was a week ago i would of say no. And i put 2 and 2 together and posted a topic that later got 500 posts. That was on this account.

And she took off her shirt and her boobies were guns.
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This could be, ahh...Interesting
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